Selmor Mtukudzi, Tendai part ways

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Selmor Mtukudzi, Tendai part ways Oliver Mtukudzi

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Selmor who is married to fellow musician Tendai Manatsa, son to legendary, Zex Manatsa said they decided to try solo projects to allow both of them to reach their potential.

Selmor is the daughter of Zimbabwe’s doyen of afro-jazz, Oliver Mtukudzi

Speaking to ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe on Tuesday, Tendai Manatsa said he has taken a back seat in his career, so as to give his wife a chance.

“I am very supportive of her career, I will be there to help her with the technical aspects of her career,” he said.

Selmor’s new album is called Expressions and it has 12 songs, one of which is a remix which was done by highflying producer, MacDonald Chidavaenzi a.k.a MacDee. The song is called Nguva yangu.

The song which is groovy and up-tempo is likely to keep people on the dance floor in clubs and at parties.

Selmor said her songs are social commentary and deal with day-to-day challenges people deal with.

Selmor’s sister-cum-manager, Samantha said the album would be launched at the German Society in Harare on 27 February.

“We will however be taking it to all the so called small towns, so as to have fans have a feel of what we have to offer,” she said.

Selmor was however evasive when asked if her father was supportive of her career.

“I can not comment on that,” she said.

However, this was in contrast to her husband who answered in the affirmative when asked the same question.

“My father is very supportive. I even use his PA system, sometimes clandestinely,” he jokingly said.

Selmor late last year was caught in a storm after revealing that her father was not supportive of her career and blamed her father’s indifference to his wife Daisy.

“I wish someone would write the whole truth. I’m tired of people asking me why I don’t have certain things or why I don’t have a better car, I am tired of coming up with excuses for my father.

“It’s also not fair on my mother who has supported me with the little she has from day one. People do not know that my mother was actually married and wedded with my father (Tuku) because Daisy (Mtukudzi’s current wife) wants people to think she is my father’s first wife,” Selmor was quoted saying at the time.

Tendai and Selmor have been performing together since 2005. They have two albums together, Ndinewe— I am with You and Tendai and Selmor Live. Prior to this they had each recorded one solo album, Kudzoka kwababa and Shungu respectively.

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