Senditoo partners Access Forex

11 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Senditoo partners Access Forex Mr Takwana Tyaranini, Senditoo Founder and Shingai J Koti, chief marketing officer at Access Finance International Group pose for a photo after cementing the partnership

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INTERNATIONAL Remittance company, Senditoo, has partnered with global money transfer business, Access Forex, to allow Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom to send money to their loved ones across a wider network.

Access Forex offers a distribution network of nearly 200 collection points nationwide and is part of the Access Finance International Group.

Through the partnership Access Forex is debuting its unique capacity to offer solutions to other money transfer agencies.

Senditoo and other money transfer companies can now benefit from the home-grown systems and infrastructure that Access Forex provides.

“The partnership is instrumental for Senditoo, which has a presence in several countries, has plans to expand services into South Africa, the US and Canada in the coming months, having established its international headquarters in the UK, Guinea, Zambia, and Zimbabwe,” reads a joint statement issued yesterday.

Access chief executive officer, Mr Raymond Chigogwana said they were delighted to operationalise the partnership and secure payout portal to more customers.

Mr Raymond Chigogwana

“We have enjoyed working closely with Senditoo to switch their full portfolio of services back on and ultimately, ensure that Zimbabweans locally and abroad get cash to where it is needed most,” he said.

“By the time we roll-out fully, everywhere you see an Access Forex, you can now also access Senditoo.”
Senditoo’s money transfer service will allow for $2 flat-fee remittances with complimentary exchange rates and real-time transaction monitoring.

Senditoo has grown in the last four years, starting with airtime transfers before extending its service offer to include money remittances and enabling customers to also pay their bills. The company has also introduced an online grocery delivery service.

Co-founder, Mr Takwana Tyaranini, said the partnership cements their commitment to being the remittance service provider of choice for Zimbabweans living abroad and locally.

Mr Takwana Tyaranini

“Senditoo was set up to connect the African diaspora to loved ones at home. In line with our strategic priorities, we have partnered with some of the most reputable businesses and organisations across Zimbabwe, Zambia, Guinea and the UK to create a strong presence – ensuring our customers have fast, simple, and hassle-free international transfers,” he said.

“We are continually working on our product and service delivery to provide customers across Zimbabwe with accessible pay-out points that are convenient and cost effective.

“We have ambitious growth targets and teaming up with Access Forex means we will not only be able to scale up but give our customers a premium and quality service.

$2 usd

“Part of our objectives include giving outstanding service to individuals and companies, helping them understand the benefits they have when it comes to their transactions and ensuring there is financial inclusivity, where everyone can participate.”

Through Access Forex, Mr Tyaranini said they now have a presence in every province and district with nearly 200 payout points that are easily accessible, allowing people to respond to critical business and personal needs without the need for travel.

“We are looking forward to the synergies with Access Forex that will help us further deliver on our growth plan,” he said.

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