Shots fired in early morning raid: Robbers hit Mukuru outlet in Bulawayo and get away with US$10 000 Armed robbers

Laurel Murangaridzirayi, [email protected]

TWO armed robbers pounced on a Mukuru outlet in Entumbane this morning and allegedly stole a safe box with USD $10 000.

The incident occurred around 7am at koNhliziyo Shopping Centre.

Allegations are that the two robbers entered Mlungu Dealers shop and fired a shot on the ground ordering everyone inside to lie down.

A resident who preferred anonymity said the robbers had silver-coloured car which they used to get away.

“The robbers arrived when I was coming from buying my stuff in town, I saw them enter Mlungu General Dealers, and minutes later they came out running with a box and went away. Their car had no licence plate,” she said.

A worker from Mlungu Dealers said the armed robbers fired shots on the ground and demanded money from the safe box in the Mukuru outlet.

“The robbers came in and they fired shots on the ground and they demanded money from the safe box. They took the safe box and fled away in a Silver Honda Fit,” she said.

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