Shurugwi faces water woes

17 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Shurugwi faces water woes

The Chronicle

Kumbirai Christine Alfayi, Midlands Reporter
A health hazard is looming in two of Shurugwi’s high density suburbs – Makusha and Sebanga – as they are only receiving tap water once a week.

The development has left many residents with no choice except to fetch water from unprotected water sources such as streams.

The streams in Shurugwi are said to be contaminated with cyanide from gold mining taking place in river sources thereby putting the lives of residents in danger of cyanide poisoning.

Makusha and Sebanga residential areas have been experiencing high water shortages for years now as the population grows while water infrastructure remains unchanged.

Critically, there is crowding at these water streams, with residents not maintaining social distancing, a development that could accelerate the spread of Covid-19.

Water crises exposes the residents to diseases like Covid-19, cholera and dysentery.

Residents said they need consistent water supply adding that Shurugwi Town Council should always have water chemicals.

Shurugwi Town’s finance director Mr Charles Tawonezvi confirmed that Makusha and Sebanga are facing serious water shortages.

He said at times the suburbs have limited running water once a week.

“Impali dam is the main source of water for the town but it’s becoming small because of the increase in population.

Its capacity must be expanded to be able to supply water to residents and companies on a daily basis,” said Mr Tawonezvi.

He said the local authority was working on channelling over $12milion devolution funds towards water projects.

“The town council has decided to channel devolution funds towards water projects. Two bigger water pipes are for water abstraction at the Impali dam water treatment plant and we hope this will improve capacity,” said Mr Tawonezvi.

He said water challenges need to be addressed as the problems have a serious negative impact on health because the water they drink would have been collected from unsafe water sources.

“The Government has been helpful in giving the council funds for water projects and to improve living conditions, the funds can be insufficient but at the end of the day money is money and it can be scarce”, he added.

He said the town council has prioritised water projects such as the Mambowa Nickel shaft project which has been completed and is already supplying water to Mambowa residential area, RB East and RB mine water project.

“These projects are providing the town’s high density residential area with water supplies,” he said.

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