Shurugwi receives fire tender Minister Owen Ncube commissions the fire tender in Shurugwi recently

Johnsias Mutonhori, [email protected]

SHURUGWI Town Council has received a much-needed fire tender as part of a Government programme aimed at strengthening local authorities’ capacity to deal with emergencies across the country using devolution funds.

These fire tenders are part of a larger acquisition of 133 vehicles by the central Government, intended to enhance public and property safety measures implemented by local authorities.

The arrival of these fire tenders comes as a relief to the Shurugwi Town Council and its residents, who have experienced loss of life and property due to the lack of fire-fighting equipment.

The commissioning of the fire tenders took place on Monday in Shurugwi Town with the Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Ncube, leading the proceedings.

Residents expressed their gratitude to the Government for its commitment to the well-being and safety of its people.

“At one point, my shop was engulfed in flames and nearly everything was reduced to ashes. The council informed me that they had no functioning fire tender and I have been unable to recover my losses until now.

“With this initiative, I can see a green light and I can feel safe to invest in my business,” a local businessman, Tedious Mlambo said.

Mrs Miriam Chadyiwa, a resident also praised the Government for the initiative. “The delivery of fire tenders by our Government is a positive step that demonstrates its dedication to our safety as residents.

“It is disheartening to hear about individuals losing their property due to the unavailability of firefighting equipment,” she said.

“I hope our local authorities will respond promptly and provide assistance when needed.”

In his remarks, Minister Ncube reiterated Government’s commitment to continue supporting local authorities by allocating resources to them.

“This is a clear affirmation of our leadership’s commitment to implementing devolution and decentralization as outlined in Section 301 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“These funds play a crucial role in enabling local councils such as Shurugwi Town to implement various essential projects that directly benefit our rural communities,” he said.

“Devolution ensures local decision-making and targeted development to address the unique needs and challenges faced by communities.”

Minister Ncube also urged the Shurugwi Town Council to prioritize service delivery in the mining town, as it directly affects the daily lives of its residents.

He encouraged the council to take advantage of the vibrant mining sector in Shurugwi by partnering with mining companies to address service delivery issues.

“As we celebrate this milestone achievement, it is critical for the council to prioritize service delivery issues in the town, including the renovation of old and dilapidated buildings, resolving water challenges in all suburbs, improving sewer reticulation, drainage systems, waste management, grass cutting, road maintenance, traffic lights, public lighting, and recreational facilities,” said the minister.

“I call upon the local authority to commit to implementing urban renewal plans and engage with the mining sector and stakeholders to address service delivery issues.”

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