SIDA to build a training centre in Silobela

25 Nov, 2021 - 10:11 0 Views
SIDA to build a training centre in Silobela

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SILOBELA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (SIDA) has embarked on an ambitious project to build a skills training centre for the youth of Silobela, Mr Timothy Khumbulani Ngwenya, the chairman of the organisation has said.

Mr Ngwenya said they aim to make the youth self-reliant.

“SIDA did its first project at Msilahobe, Vukuzenzele garden project, preparations are underway for a second garden project at a village called Bhifoyili (Abyfoil). SIDA is also looking forward to embark on a bakery project at one of the business centres in Silobela. There is a secondary school that SIDA has targeted for renovations and also wants to build a skills training centre for the youth of Silobela.

Third from left is INTUBA Sustainable Projects founder member and president Mr Raphael Mthombeni who is based in America with the executive members of Sida in Silobela,at Vukuzenzele garden project at a village called Msilahobe. 

“Self-reliance is what we are teaching our community as this empowers them socially and economically, poverty  and unemployment rate is reduced. We successfully started Vukuzenzele garden project in Msilahobe one of the villages in Silobela and a solar powered water pump was installed, thanks to INTUBA Sustainable Projects. We also embarked on a sanitary wear campaign and donated pads to some few secondary schools in Silobela,” he said.

Timothy Khumbulani Ngwenya (Chairman, Silobela Development Association)

Mr Ngwenya revealed plans to set up a business that will finance all the developmental projects that SIDA wants to do.

He said: “We are looking forward to having an organization that will own and run big businesses so as to help fund other projects aimed at uplifting our community and reduce the begging syndrome especially from donors.

“Currently we have the support from INTUBA Sustainable Projects and Silobela residents, we also got support from Angelic women of purpose.”

SIDA was formed in 2020 to alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of the people of Silobela. The organisation was formed by Baltimore Mabhena, Guguelihle Sibanda Ndlovu, Lungile Ngwenya, Reuben Ndlovu, Joseph Matopeya and Simanga Ndlovu.

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