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SMEs business: Questions and answers

20 Sep, 2017 - 02:09 0 Views

The Chronicle

Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd
WE once again open our financial mail box from SMEs across the global village with main focus on Zimbabwe based SMEs. The idea is thinking ‘Harare’ (very fast) but acting ‘Bulawayo’ (with Ubuntu ). In addition we need to be ‘Hwange’ (inclusive) about it and do it with ‘Binga’ (pride) mentality of going about our business.

Question: Is running a business as easy as eating a ripe juicy mango fruit? (Hwange)

Answer: Business is guided by rules, laws, code of conduct and there are minimum requirements that you must have to run one. Where you lack, seek knowledge and where you can’t do it yourself seek outside help, which will cost you of course.

Basically appreciate your business line from records to figures so that whatever you are doing is making financial sense, if in doubt ask. Above all be passionate about your line of business and that will mean you know your business like the back of your hand.

Each business has unique requirements. Enjoy what you do. Running a business is a lot of sacrifice. Please be warned there is no working hours for owners and the lives of a lot of people are in your hands. What happens when you take in unwashed mangoes? Exactly like in business dirty approach to business will lead to ruin through economic diarrhoea/cholera that poisons your business system. You need business hygiene to maintain a healthy business environment that sustains you. Keep your integrity in check.

With SMEs you have to be everything from being an accountant, human resources, marketing, legal counsel, and motivator, enforcer etc. All these are required from one person and that can be too much to ask since we don’t have knowledge monopoly.

Am not sure if you have mastered the art of eating a mango fruit but if you have then by the same token you can master the art of running a business. It’s an art that you master only by being active in business.

Let’s all remember many are called but few are chosen just kindly make sure you are cut for it especially given entrepreneurship is inborn.

One thing though for it to be a juicy mango fruit someone would have nurtured it, the same applies to businesses that you admire it’s because the stakeholders are working tirelessly to keep it adorable and keep it at what it is. Whether it’s your own business or someone’s business responsibility, accountability and dedications are of utmost importance.

Question: Should I regularise my small operations? (Vic Falls)

Answer: Of course you have to. It’s in your best interest to formalise to avoid victimisation, grow the business and your sector through regulatory necessary levies. Formalisation brings in investments in your sector and it stabilises your sector. It’s only fair to other players in your field. One day when you are big business imagine other small players coming up without regularising, it will be unfair to you. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

Regularisation isn’t as costly as what people think. The costs are minimal and encompass a lot of other charges in that one charge. Order is the first law in Heaven and compliance could allow investment into your sector.

Financial Freedom Campaign
MoB Capital’s $100.00 Bill.

Some call it the Benjamin as it resembles the biggest note with Franklin Benjamin’s head on.

We are giving away these across the country.

If you receive one of these please urgently get in touch with MoB Capital and demand 30 minutes of financial freedom gospel from any of the #Team Money employees. If you find any of these stickers on your car please urgently get in touch in person to the nearest MoB Capital offices and demand explanation as to the meaning of it.

Team Money
We are on a campaign to reduce financial ignorance in our communities and we are campaigning one person at a time. For any car or person that receives the above flyers or stickers come in let’s talk before it’s too late. Let’s explore dreams and discover financial freedom together. This is the opportune time because it’s still for free. We will discuss all there is to increase your financial hygiene as you try to manage your financial well being as we increase our financial freedom for a better tomorrow .

With these stickers/flyers you are entitled to 30 minutes and these could be the greatest 30 minutes of your life that will change your financial life forever.

Let he who has ears do the noble thing and stop procrastination. People perish because of lack of knowledge. This time gives you an appreciation into what advisory services mean to you as an individual trying to eke a living in a challenging environment.

We only live once and if we live (financially) right once is all we need. I have heard people say “life is short” but what’s longer than a living life? After life there is legacy which defines what you would have done as a living soul on earth and that comes with getting great advice and only great advice will make you leave a long lasting legacy.

Together lets explore, dream, discover financial freedom


Morris Mpala is the managing director of MoB Capital, a Bulawayo-headquartered micro-finance institution with footprint across the country.

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