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Recently there has been an avalanche of criticism against the war veterans over their appeal to government to review their monthly pensions and other associated benefits.

It is not surprising some media houses are having a field day in castigating the former freedom fighters from the comfort of their ventilated offices which would not have been possible without the sacrifices of these men and women.

When the war veterans make an appeal to government it becomes a crime.  Some sections of our population with misplaced interests prefer to watch our heroes and heroines languish in abject poverty

For argument’s sake, let us take the case of civil servants across the board.  When they go on strike for better conditions of service no one let alone the usual critics ever say they want to hold the country to ransom.  But why is it a burning issue when war veterans appeal for the same treatment since they have a stake in Government like any other groups mentioned above.

Among the pensioners are former soldiers and police officers who fought the freedom fighters to keep the Rhodesian government in power.  The critics are again silent on this one.

It would appear there are many people in the country who are devoid of patriotism.  The same people supported trade unions to go on wild strikes which caused the closure of companies because of lack of foresight and being used by sponsored NGOs to destroy our country.

Since Zimbabwe is a democracy let those who do not get enough sleep over their anti-war veterans issues continue to keep the vigil with the hope that one morning they will get good news that the former fighters have died in their poverty.

Alternatively the critics should attend one of the war veterans meetings and tell them in their faces that they are behaving like mercenaries instead of wasting ink on paper castigating them and making nonsensical noise.

Like them or hate them they are here.

Bornfree Zimbo, Bulawayo

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