Social media reacts to Qwabe twins’ affectionate kisses

22 Apr, 2020 - 00:04 0 Views
Social media reacts to Qwabe twins’ affectionate kisses

The Chronicle

It is no secret that singing sensation Qwabe Twins love each other wholeheartedly. Fans witnessed the sisters’ love for each other when they were contesting for the Idols SA winner title.

The pictures they share show how close they are as sisters and how they get each other. After they shared a video of them goofing around and kissing each other on the lips, social media users started to question to what extent does their bond go.

Before the kiss, they can be seen staring at each other affectionately before the ‘passionate’ kiss. Users found that ‘cringe-worthy’ and some thought they were going to make out.

The twins were appreciating each other. The caption reads: “I can’t ask more from you, God. Am grateful for what I have.”

Followers flooded the comments section with rude comments directed at the twins. Calling the video weird and inappropriate for siblings.

They responded to the nasty comments by saying it’s nothing but love between sisters.

Meanwhile, television star Minnie Dlamini, has shared how painful it is, to keep on losing special people in her life. Minnie poured her heart out on Twitter, when she penned a heart-wrenching tweet about the pain she has endured, with the loss of her loved ones.

She said she has lost someone she really loves and has known for her entire life. It is no secret that losing someone you love is one of the worst experiences in life, but losing another one, is another major blow.-Zalebs.

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