Some commendable marriage nuggets

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Some commendable marriage nuggets marriage

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1 There is nothing that threatens the security of a wife than the thought of another woman competing for the attention and affection of her husband. Nothing is more painful. Nothing is more disrespecting.

Nothing is more insulting. Nothing is more belittling and degrading. Pray for marriage security. I pray for your marriage environment to be free from competitors.

Pray for marriage

2 Marriage flourishes when the couple works together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score. Good marriages don’t just happen. They are a product of hard work. I pray that your marriage may be a strong team.

3 Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage. May your children be blessed.

4 Husbands: The reason why other women look attractive is because someone is taking good care of them. Grass is always green where it is watered. Instead of drooling over the green grass on the other side of the fence, work on yours and water it regularly. Any man can admire a beautiful woman, but it takes a true gentleman to make a woman admirable and beautiful. I pray that you start to cultivate your wife like your garden of Eden.

5 A successful marriage doesn’t require a big house, a perfect spouse, a million dollars or an expensive car. You can have all of the above and still have a miserable marriage. A successful marriage requires honesty, undying commitment and selfless love and Jesus at the center of it all. Be truly loving to each other in Jesus Christ name.

husband and wife work together

6 Pray for your spouse every day; in the morning, in the afternoon and at evening. Don’t wait until there is a problem. Don’t wait until there is an affair. Don’t wait until something bad happens. Don’t wait until your spouse is tempted. Shield your spouse with prayer and cover your marriage with the fence of prayer. Be a prayerful person in marriage in Jesus Christ’s name.

7 One spouse cannot build a marriage alone when the other spouse is committed to destroying it.

Marriage works when both husband and wife work together as a team to build their marriage. Be blessed team players.
God Bless…
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