SoxThePoet tries hand at music

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SoxThePoet tries hand at music SoxThePoet

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

HE is known for his intellectual poetic pieces, unusual dress code and public speaking abilities but local poet, SoxThePoet has added music to his portfolio.

On Friday, the poet teased his vocal abilities on an instrument after collaborating with singer Rudo Amor, Hirev and Zulu Masuku at an event held at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) building in Bulawayo.

Nokuthaba Nesheri was the director of events at the show dubbed, “Shards: Poetry in the digital world” where SoxThePoet gave pieces of his life through music, dance, poetry and film.

A documentary on SoxThePoet’s life and career was aired for the audience.

A fundi, moving encyclopedia, poet and analyst were some of the adjectives used to describe Sox as his documentary titled, “SoxThePoet” was aired.

Speaking on the sidelines of the show, poetry lovers weighed in on SoxThePoet’s newly-found musical talent.

Grace Muleya said she knew SoxThePoet was good but was wowed at the thought of the poet on a song.

“I’ve been a fan of his (SoxThePoet) for a long time and knew his vocal abilities were good, but music was far from what I’d think of him. There’s room for improvement of course, but if he tries out rap more often, he might give some rappers a good run for their money,” said Muleya.

Lovejoy Gutu said SoxThePoet’s potential is great.

“Sox is not scared to try out new things and I think that’s one thing other creatives can copy from him. How he was able to collaborate with fellow poets, musicians, and filmmakers to come up with such content is commendable,” Gutu said.

At the show, the poet performed poetry pieces, I dare you, Ukuswela inotho and Bipolar personalities and these sought to address everyday societal issues including the youths’ civic duty, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and rape.

In attendance were local creatives including Simz Masuku, Reilo Viekk, Moyoxide, Msiz’kay who produced the songs and poet Michelle Moyo.

After the show, SoxThePoet said he is enjoying time at the studio.

“I’m learning how to fuse poetry with music. So, this has been an intriguing experience. We’re also working on staging another show soon,” he said. – @eMKlass_49

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