Spanish guitarist descends on Bulawayo Reilo Viekk

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
LAST week, a Spanish guitarish descended on Bulawayo when Reilo Viekk (real name Paul Ngwenya) released his debut single titled, “Settimo Cielo” to introduce a distinct sound.

In Mexican and Spanish locale, the sound is called flamenco and Reilo Veikk believes for music to grow, innovation must reign supreme.

“I’ve been in the game for quite a while, but mostly as a session guitarist playing for the likes of Thandy Dhlana, Qeqeshiwe Mntambo, Mzoe 7, Master Zhoe and Leslie Kampila just to name a few.

Mzoe 7

“I realised that my guitar-playing skills were distinct and this would afford me the chance to introduce something new,” Veikk said.

Zimbabwean music is closely connected with the acoustic, bass, lead, and rhythm guitars, but the introduction of a Spanish one heralds a new player in the game.

It is commonplace for emerging artistes to ride in the wave of already-established ones for success, but Reilo Viekk has thought it wise to carve his own niche. The song which features Simz Masuku was produced by renowned local producer Black Orient. It is characterised by an ascent Amapiano feel but retains the Spanish guitar riffs. Reilo Veikk said the song is meant for people to flex their fancy footwork on the dance floor.

“Settimo cielo is an Italian word meaning a happy state of mind. The song is about being happy and enjoying a soft life,” he said.

Reilo Viekk

The Bulawayo-born singer developed a love for music at a tender age when he saw his father composing and playing his own songs.

“Seeing my father play his own compositions after listening to rock great Jimi Hendrix and Spanish music muso Carlos Santana led me to learn the guitar on my own and become a session guitarist,” said Reilo Veikk.

The beatmaker and composer was taught beat-making skills by producers Highs, SiyaP and Clxstos.

Moving forward, Reilo Veikk promised to add more content to his discography, citing more collaborations.

“I’ll be working on more songs with other artistes from Bulawayo such as Lance Hebron and Jiggs as I heighten my sound and come out of my shell since I haven’t been in the spotlight, but have been behind the scenes,” he added. – @eMKlass_49

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