WATCH: Stage 4 cancer nightmare- family that has become destitute after selling all for 2 year-old daughter’s treatment, prays for miracle

Kudzai Gaveni, Online Writer

A FAMILY from Makokoba Suburb in Bulawayo that became homeless after selling all their property to fund treatment for their 2-year-old daughter who is suffering from stage 4 cancer, is seeking funds to take her abroad for treatment.

Cancer can be treated easily if it is detected early but once it reaches stage 3 and 4, it generally becomes incurable.

The family cannot afford consultation fees  to determine how much is needed.

A Good Samaritan has offered the family temporary accommodation.

Nokubonga Ndlovu is being treated at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare for neutrophil stoma cancer, but has stopped responding to treatment.

Her mother,  Ms Matron Ndlovu, said a Dr Hlatshwayo and Dr Dondo at Parirenyatwa

Hospital had tried their best but they said the cancer could not be treated as it is now in stage 4.

She told the Chronicle the doctors said her daughter was not responding to therapy as there are tumors that keep developing in her brain.

Even after they had lost everything while caring for Nokubonga and being told by faith healers that there was no solution, the family has not lost hope.

They are appealing for help from any well-wishers to fund their child’s treatment abroad by the ‘best doctors.’

Nokubonga’s grandmother, Ms Sethukile Nkomo, said they have been given a month to vacate the one room they are staying in along 5th Street in Makokoba as they are not able to pay rent.

She appealed for money to start a small business so that the family can cater for their immediate needs.

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