Stanis Theatre addresses the stigma of unplanned pregnancy in bold new play Vanessa Tsuro

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

STANIS Theatre’s latest production, “Labourer 23,” is an exploration of the challenges and societal pressures faced by young women dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

The play, which is set to premiere at the Bulawayo Public Library, stars Vanessa Tsuro in a powerful one-woman performance and is directed by the insightful Michael Muderere.

Muderere said that the narrative looks into the struggles and victories associated with unexpected motherhood, underlining the importance of community support and resilience.

“Labourer 23: A well knitted craft that that focuses on challenges that come up with unplanned pregnancies in young girls and women. We follow the story of Thalente, a young girl aged 23 who finds herself facing challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

“Faced with the pressures of single motherhood, fear and the stigma from the society, she must summon the strength and resilience to fight for the future of her child. Through a combination of hope, determination, and the support of unexpected allies, Thalente discovers that even in the darkest of circumstances, there is always a way forward,” said Muderere.


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