Street Kitchen: How passion for food fuelled Bulawayo’s newest eatery Ralph Ngqabutho Masuku

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

IN the heart of Bulawayo’s CBD, at MZ Mall, a new culinary gem has emerged – Street Kitchen.

Founded by Ralph Ngqabutho Masuku and Olwyn Moses Mlauzi, the establishment has ensured that the adage, “Variety is the spice of life” surely comes alive for food lovers.

With over two decades of experience in the food industry, Masuku told Chronicle Showbiz that the pair overcame numerous challenges to bring their vision to life.

“Street Kitchen came about in 2020 during the Covid-19 induced lockdowns. We brainstormed and reflected on the years we had spent in the food and beverages industry. So, we decided to start our own brand but all the pieces started falling into place in 2023. That’s when it came into existence,” he said.

Their vast experience in the food industry has not been without its challenges.

Masuku and Mlauzi faced more negatives than positives, but these obstacles encouraged them to pursue their dream of starting Street Kitchen, irrespective of any obstacles.

“One of our challenges was finding a specific location for the outlet. That cost us a lot of money and time. We should have opened in August but we ended up opening in mid-December last year,” conceded Masuku.

Their time in the UAE played a significant role in honing their culinary skills, teaching them to be open-minded and adaptable in terms of food preparation and presentation.

Masuku credits their previous bosses, who had vast experience in the food industry, as their inspiration for pursuing a career in food.

He alluded to the pair learning the importance of experimentation and innovation in creating popular dishes.

Street Kitchen offers a wide range of ready-to-eat or take-away food with chicken being the main ingredient. Also, a variety of snacks, wraps, burgers, fries, soft drinks, juices, desserts, ice cream, milkshakes, and pastries are offered.

To become a food expert, Masuku emphasises a need for consistency, commitment, and dedication.

Growing up, he never envisioned himself as a food expert, as cooking was not considered a profession in their culture. However, with the modern world recognising food as an art and skill, Masuku and Mlauzi are proud to be part of this evolving industry.

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