Stunner reflects on nasty divorce in new song

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Stunner reflects on nasty divorce in new song Stunner

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Hip-hop star Stunner Da Des never misses an opportunity to push further his envelope.

The dapper-rapper who is smarting from a nasty divorce from his wife of one year Olinda, has released a single in apparent reference to the collapse of their marriage.

Titled Ndoenda the single featuring Guspy Warrior talks of how the couple could have resolved their marital problems amicably without going public. The song has been uploaded on YouTube.

In the song he says Olinda should have not have taken to Facebook to spill the beans on his extramarital affair with a lady referred to as Dion.

“Pafeya ndinokuda asi zve zvawaita hazvivake musha. Dai wakauya kwandiri wataura neni zvakanaka (I really love you but what you did killed our marriage. You should have come to me and we could have discussed this properly),” sings Stunner.

In an interview on Tuesday with talk show host Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, Olinda said she regretted venting out about her marriage problems to the public.

“This is my fault because I took our issues to the public. Stunner hurt me but what I was doing (posting videos online) was giving me some sort of relief.

“When you’re hurting, you go through this temporary insanity. But if I could, I’d do things differently because what I did was really not me,” said Olinda.

She said Stunner’s new song was dedicated to her saying despite the arguments she knew Stunner loved her as much as she did, but hated the idea of her going public about their marital problems.

“We spoke about the song and he said: ‘The day you found out I’d cheated, had you taken a different approach and just packed your bags and left, I’d have been grovelling. I’d be begging for you and saying I want my wife back’ and I understand him,” said Olinda.

The estranged wife who is going back to reside in the UK said she was hopeful that while they were going separate ways, the “road might lead to the same place” meaning there was room for reconciliation.

“I’m going to keep in touch with Stunner, who knows what will happen. For now I have to work through my emotions.”

— GemNation/Showbiz Reporter

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