Sugar Hill: Bevy of beauties to grace Matopos Sailing Club Kwanele Bhebhe

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
TODAY the star attraction at Matopos Sailing Club will not be the various leisure activities that will be availed or Band Fusion who have been hired to serenade patrons at the event dubbed the “Big January Chill”.

It will be a bevy of promo girls that have been recruited to play host.
Promo girls or promotional models are women hired to drive consumer demand for a product, service, brand, or concept by directly interacting with potential customers. Most promotional models are conventionally attractive in physical appearance.

Thumisang Rankhudu

They serve to make a product or service more appealing and can provide information to journalists and consumers at trade show and convention events.

The promo girls at Matopos Sailing Club will include South Africa based 26-year-old socialite and traditional health practitioner Ruth Zobvuta. She will be ably assisted by Global Institute Hospitality Management 22-year-old trainee Kwanele Bhebhe from Nkulumane 5 suburb. 26-year-old Tumisang Rankhudu from Botswana who has acted as a promo girl for Dstv, Mascom and Visa has also been brought into the country to help turn the event into a success.

Last year, Morden Magnet Investments partnered with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) and 3D Events Management to breathe life into Matopos Sailing Club that had been neglected for years.

After 2022 characterised by rollercoaster riding, speed boating, canoeing, horse riding, quad biking, swimming, drinking, braaing and unwinding, Matopos Sailing Club will be officially opened and ‘managed’ by some beautiful women from Bulawayo.

The organisers are cognisant of the need to stay head and shoulders above the pack in a competitive environment and 3D Events Management Managing Director Mduduzi Mdlongwa underscored the need to introduce hostesses.

Ruth Zobvuta

“The reason why we are having these hostesses is that we are calling it ‘The Big Chill’ where one will be switching off their cellphones and have a moment with whoever you will be with or even if you are a lone ranger to unwind.

“People will, as usual, enjoy aquatic games and other activities lined up. The hostesses will be there to attend to patrons and pamper them to make sure that they don’t struggle with anything that they may need. These hostesses will act as one’s go-to person for guidance, payment for games, food and drink and people will enjoy a seamless service. At the snap of a finger, they will be at one’s service. This kind of service provision will be provided for the whole year,” said Mdlongwa.

It is common knowledge that women make things happen and their presence will set the tone for what is set to be a momentous year for Matopos Sailing Club.

In line with their primary objective of pushing domestic tourism, Matopos Sailing Club reassured their commitment to continue highlighting the importance of such a drive.

Phillip Phiri, one of the founders and director of Modern Magnet Investments, a company on a drive to promote tourism and environmental conservation within the Matabeleland South region said:

“We are looking at understanding the impact on the environment when we make a decision, and also push towards reducing waste and avoiding pollution, and making our clubhouse environmentally friendly. The Matopos Sailing Club environment encompasses all the areas in which we spend our time – like walking, biking, driving, or commuting.

“For all of this to happen, we need to work closely with our patrons, employees, and others in the local community, to create positive environmental change. We need to have a balanced ecological system where behavioural change is needed. We need to find ways to ensure that the surrounding ecological system is not affected by the activity at the sailing club. We should all do our bit to encourage the adoption of greener policies. We’re, hopefully, all living longer so protecting our immediate environment and the wider planet must be beneficial to us all,” he said.

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