Sulu ditches iconic earpiece

20 Feb, 2017 - 00:02 0 Views
Sulu ditches iconic earpiece Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu

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Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu

Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu

Walter Mswazie, Showbiz Correspondent
ORCHESTRA Dendera Kings frontman Sulumani “Sulu” Chimbetu has done away with his mobile hands-free earpiece saying it was attracting thieves.

The device had become his trademark with his legion of fans saying he, like his late father Simon, loves to showcase his mobile phone and that the obsession with mobile devices was synonymous with the Chimbetu’s.

But at the weekend, Sulu, took to Ritz Night Club in Masvingo without the wireless earpiece tucked on his right ear. His fans were quick to take note and wondered if he had lost the piece.

“I still have the device, in actual fact I’ve many Bluetooth earpieces, but of late, the headset has been attracting thieves,” said Sulu.

“Thieves would attempt to pull the headset from my ear and I’ve decided to stop tucking it.”

He said he could not operate without the earpiece as it is convenient for his trade.

“At times I get calls from business partners, wife and friends when I’m quite occupied and I don’t have to fumble into my pocket to reach the phone, I’ll simply answer the call using the earpiece,” he said.

“Dendera fans and Zimbabweans alike have come up with different reasons why I donned the earpiece with some saying I want to have a unique style (swag), but to me this is just a communication tool, nothing more.”

On some band members who have left, Sulu, who featured three new choreographers said the Dendera family was growing and would welcome new members while excusing others.

“If one feels they’re no longer happy in the band, they’re free to leave. We’ll always co-opt others into the family.”

Sulu has parted ways with one of his trusted dancers, Phillip “Phidza Phidza” Dzirike who had been with the ensemble since 2012 while lead guitarist Knowledge “Nodza” Nkoma and bassist Moffat Nyamupundu were once reprimanded.



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