Sunday lunch indulgence

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Sunday lunch indulgence Chef Ryan

The Chronicle

Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

IF you are a fan of meat and delicacies or looking for a place to have lunch and chill this weekend, then the Banff Lodge in Bulawayo is your joint as there will be a Chef’s Sunday Grub at the lodge tomorrow.

The Banff Chef’s Sunday Grub has been running since last month and is proving very popular.

Everyone eats something every day, whether home-cooked or from restaurants and there are several places in the city where one can go and be served a good gourmet meal. The Chef’s Sunday Grub is unique because the chef and his team get creative on what they want to cook and serve for their guests.

Banff Lodge spokesperson Sherin Taylor said they introduced the Sunday Grub as a way of spicing up their product offering.

“We always want to try something new and exciting for our guests. With the Chef’s Sunday Grub, our team gives our guests the best through their creative ideas and food they serve.”

For those intending to go for the lunch, Taylor said, there are no bookings as it is on a first come first serve basis. People will start getting served from 12PM to 3PM with the fee for the meal being ZW$80 per head. 

For tomorrow’s grub, Taylor said, The Banff Lodge head chef, Ryan, and his team will serve roast meat and Yorkshire pudding, roast chicken with stuffing as well as roast pork with apple sauce and stuffing. This will be served with roast potatoes, a selection of seasonal vegetables and rich meaty gravy. 

“The lunch is a selection of three meats Sunday indulgence. This is a traditional food menu which is not something you can find on our daily menu.”

She said for those who prefer full-course meals, there will be dessert. A kiddie’s menu will also be available. — @waynecas

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