Teacher impregnates pupil, demands DNA tests

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Teacher impregnates pupil, demands DNA tests

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Mxolisi Mhlanga

Thandeka Moyo Court Reporter
A teacher at Majiji High School in Matabeleland North reportedly had sexual intercourse with a pupil and impregnated her and later asked her to conceal the matter.Mxolisi Mhlanga who was an Agriculture, Bible Knowledge and Divinity teacher allegedly proposed love to the pupil, Tracey Ngwenya, 22 and had sex with her many times in the school’s storeroom, in the bush and near a river in  Bubi.  That was in 2012 when she was 20.

The matter came to light when the pupil fell pregnant and Mhlanga was suspended from the school. A partenity test however showed Mhlanga was not the father, so he has approached the Labour Court seeking to be re-instated.  Judge Justice Mercy Moya-Matshanga heard the case yesterday.

Taking the witness stand the pupil, who now has a 11-month-old baby, said Mhlanga forced her to undergo a DNA test when the child was three weeks old which was conducted by an unidentified doctor in the city.

“I first met this man in September 2012 on a weekend and he called me to his cottage and proposed love. He did not even wait for me to respond but kissed me and from that day we engaged in sexual intercourse until I fell pregnant. He used to sleep with me anytime of the day in his storeroom, library or even in the bush. We could not go to his cottage as his wife was there,” said Ngwenya.

“At one time he licked my breasts and told me I was pregnant. When my guardians took the matter to school, he approached me and begged me to lie to save his job.

“I did all he asked me to do and I wonder why he treats me like a mad person telling this court that we were never in a sexual love relationship,” she said.

The headmaster of Majiji, Fisani Dube, also gave his testimony and alleged that Mhlanga had tried to trick the girl into changing statements to save his job.

“The girl’s guardians came to the school threatening to dump her and that is when all hell broke loose. We conducted an investigation and after following all procedures, Mhlanga was suspended for improper association,” said Dube.

Mhlanga however told the court that the pupil was making up statements as he was not the father of the child. The trial continues with three more witness expected to testify against Mhlanga.

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