Team Zimbabwe shocks world at wine testing competition

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Team Zimbabwe shocks world at wine testing competition Team Zimbabwe at the World Blind Wine Tasting Competition in France

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Natasha Chamba , Showbiz Reporter
TEAM Zimbabwe at the World Blind Wine Tasting Competition which was hosted in France last Saturday went 10 places up from last year and was placed number 14 out of 24.

The globe’s most-regarded wine connoisseurs gathered in France at Chateau St Pierre De Serjac for the competition.

Drawn from some of South Africa’s most prestigious cellars, six male Zimbabweans were among the greatest global sommeliers.

A wine sommelier refers to a person responsible for all aspects of wine services as well as food and wine pairing at a restaurant.

Team Zimbabwe comprised head sommelier at the Test Kitchen in Cape Town Tinashe Nyamudoka, assistant tasting room manager at Mullineux and Leuu wine estate in Franschhoek, Admire Wakwa, tasting manager at Passerene Wines in Franschhoek, Billet Magara, head sommelier at La Colombe restaurant in Cape Town, Joseph T Dhafana, head sommelier at Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town, Malvin Gwese and consulting and wine importer of African wines in Den Hague in Holland, Pardon Taguzu.

Dhafana said they did way better than last year as they managed to beat giants like USA and Spain.

“The boys went to France and did a better job than last year as they pushed 10 places higher than last year,” he said.

“Team Zimbabwe came 14th out of 24 countries this year and they managed to beat USA, Italy, Spain, England, Holland and other countries.”

Dhafana said the world was shocked with the results as Zimbabwe is not known for producing wine and saying hopefully next year, the team will even do better.

Last year, Zimbabwe was number 24 and they only managed to beat Italy.

Team Zimbabwe comprised members of the Black Cellar Club. Taguzu and Gwese have made it to the top 15 of the Cape Town leg of the South African Blind Wine Tasting Challenge. Nyamudoka won the 2013 Cape Legends Inter-Hotel Challenge while Dhafana recently broke the wine auction record in South Africa. — @queentauruszw

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