Teenager to be caned for sexually abusing girl (5)

28 Apr, 2012 - 00:04 0 Views

The Chronicle


The boy, aged 16 on Thursday pleaded guilty to several counts of rape before Bulawayo regional magistrate Mr Owen Tagu.

He was sentenced to receive six cuts after the court considered his age and what the law says about juveniles.

Mr Tinashe Dzipe, for the State, told the court that the complainant and her abuser are all orphans staying at a children’s home as brother and sister with a foster mother.

When the foster mother was not at home, the juvenile would call the girl to the boys’ bedroom and offer her some food.

He would sexually abuse her and after the act he would give her something to eat again before ordering her to go to her bedroom.

He raped her on several occasions after luring her with food whenever their foster mother was away.

The child would relate her ordeal to another child who in turn also told her that she was a victim of sexual abuse by the same juvenile.

On 27 September last year, the foster mother was teaching her daughters about sexual abuse and that is when the girl revealed that she had been raped on several occasions by the juvenile. A report was eventually lodged with Sauerstown Police Station leading to the juvenile’s arrest.

According to a medical report compiled after the examination of the girl, penetration was not effected.

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