That Nkayi girl! Rapper Awa Khiwe back with a bang!

30 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
That Nkayi girl! Rapper Awa Khiwe back with a bang! Awa Khiwe

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
“I’m back with a bang!” These are the words Germany-based Zim hip hop rapper, Awa Khiwe who has been on a four-year hiatus said after her killer punchlines from her forthcoming single went viral on the Internet on Tuesday, amassing over 100 000 views on Twitter in 15 hours.

Awa, born Awakhiweumuzi Wako Sibanda in Nkayi, to show people that she was back with a bang, posted a one-minute video of her announcing her return on the hip hop scene through seamless bars. She also shared her brief biography and asked followers to retweet the clip if they liked it. The people liked it as they, in their numbers, viewed and retweeted it gave her positive feedback.

The clip which was in English and Ndebele caught the attention of people like rappers Mudiwa, Takura and Cal Vin, Chengeto Brown, DJ Tamuka and even across the border with legendary South African hip hop star, Zakwe also giving Awa a thumbs up.

“I’m not surprised, saw this coming a long time ago,” commented Cal Vin.

“You have evolved zvinemoto in a very unique way my sister, I’m blown away,” commented one David Mutanda.

“That’s talent you got there girl. Please make use if it,” commented Valentine Chidz.

In an interview yesterday, Awa said having been out of the game for four years, she wanted to show people that she still has it in her.

“I’ve been quiet for a long time as I’ve been going through a lot of struggles – financially and mentally. With this clip, I just wanted to remind people that I’m back and I’m coming for everything,” said Awa from Hamburg.

When she posted the video clip on her Twitter page, Awa said she did not think it would get so much traction especially considering that she has never used her Twitter account. Also, she said, Ndebele rap has been struggling to get followers.

“I opened a Twitter account a long time ago, but I never used it. When I saw the love that people were showing this video on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to post it on Twitter as well. I didn’t think it was going to reach even 100 retweets.

“For a long time, we’ve been struggling with pulling numbers, especially for Ndebele Rap so this took me by surprise. The love people are showing is just amazing,” said Awa.

She thanked all those who shared and viewed the clip.

“I appreciate everyone so much especially Zakwe who I look up to. It’s a dream come true. Mudiwa Hood is amazing and I appreciate the love and support he has been showing me.

“I hope this will inspire many rap veterans to embrace new talent. Takura, Chengeto and DJ Tamuka also showed me love and support, I appreciate it and hope we’ll work together someday.”

The trending video clip, the artiste said, made her realise that people were hungry for new content.

“I haven’t done this (recording and sharing video clips) before because I’ve been trying to perfect everything I share with people, but this made me realise that it’s important to share whatever you have with people.

Even if it’s just a one minute video at home, you never know what might win people’s hearts,” said Awa.

To show how much Awa has been starving music lovers of content, her verse in Msiz’kays Ngawuz’Umoya Wami was one of the highlights of the recently released song that has taken radio by storm.

Some years ago, another clip of hers when she was in studio with DJ Tira in Germany, polishing up a song went viral. Whatever happened to that song remains a mystery.

Two years ago, Awa performed at the Commonwealth Games as part of a group called GRRRL.

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