The cluster of demons of pride caused by familiarity is as follows

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The cluster of demons of pride caused by familiarity is as follows Pride - Image taken from Shutterstock

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1.) Anger or short temper

In most cases, a person who has pride magnifies himself and he tends to see offences against him also magnified.


Pride is a very impatient sin hence it quickly translates to anger or short temper.

People who are proud do not want to be wronged.

A proud man considers things as atrocious or intolerable that are said or done against him.

2.) Quitting

Anyone who quits is proud and has familiarity, with God and his leader.

Any woman who packs their bags from a husband every time when angered is full of pride.

3.) Lying, Gossiping

Do not lie to elevate yourself to another level.

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Humility is the ability to recognise each other’s gifting and importance.

Always be yourself and pray to discover purpose.

4.) Competition

Competition is the opposite of co-operation.

It arises whenever at least two parties strive for a goal which cannot be shared or which is desired individually but not in sharing and cooperation.

5.) Jealousy

The, “it must be mine not hers” type of behaviour/complaining spirits. Jealousy is seen when you look at someone who is blessed and you feel unhappy.

It is mostly found among brethren in church, siblings, peers et cetera.

6.) Fighting with people

Fighting with people is a sign that you want to prove you are powerful, that is pride.

7.) Rebellion of any kind

8.) Argumentativeness

9.) Procrastination


You can be stubborn and refuse to accept rebuke because the spirit of pride does not want to accept that you can make mistakes and you can rebel against your spiritual parents.

All this type of behaviour is at the end of the day catalysed by familiarity, you will not be afraid to talk back or even rebuke your own spiritual parents.

Whenever you see a wing of pride growing you should prune it quickly, do not entertain it even for a minute, because you can miss your blessing from where it is supposed to come.
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