The importance of bride and groom details

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The importance of bride and groom details

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To say we love details is an understatement. We are in fact obsessed about your wedding details (lol).

Quite often, we see brides and grooms forgetting about these little things (details).

Mostly, it is because of the chaos that comes with the wedding day as there are so many things that need to be done with little time.

So today, we have this story for all future brides and grooms to let them know the importance of gathering these little things for the photographers before they arrive.

What details should be gathered for the photographer?

1. Wedding dress

Please keep the dress in the bag. Most of the times because the preparation room is the one that is used for makeup and hair, we usually take the dress outside and hang it somewhere nice, even in a tree. So, keeping the dress in the bag will make it easy for us to move it from point A to point B.

We love to shoot your dress at different angles.

The close up shots to show the details, the lace the beads, crystals etc and also, we like to take far away shots to get the full look of the dress like the shot above.

2. Custom hanger

I don’t know how best I can stress the point, but with all the money you spent on the dress only to have it hung on a cheap plastic hanger.

Not only is it not attractive, but it brings down the wow factor of your dress or suit.

I really encourage that you get yourself a custom hanger that can be printed something unique to you for example, your name, wedding date etc.

3. The shoes

Oh how I love the bride’s shoes together with the bridesmaids’. Please keep them in the box or plastic together with the bridesmaids with tags removed.

4. Bridesmaid dresses

We know it took you so much time, fights and arguments to finally decide what your girls will be wearing on your wedding so for that reason, we like to document them as well.

Sometimes we take the dresses on their own or together with the bride’s but either way, we make sure we take nice pictures of the dresses before the girls wear them.

Years down the line when you flip through your photo book, you will remember the day of your wedding and how it was hanging around with your girls.

5. The rings

This is by far my favorite detail. We love to try new ideas all the time and the results are always stunning.

But disappointingly, we have been to some weddings where the rings are kept by the pastors meaning that we won’t have a chance to take pictures of the rings.

So please make sure these are kept somewhere safe so that when we arrive, you can easily grab them and handover to us.

6. Bouquet

This is easily one of the most forgotten details on the wedding day. I am yet to find out why, but on many occasions we asked for the bouquet we were told it’s at the venue.

But please if you can have your bouquet delivered first thing in the morning, the better. We like to incorporate it with other details.

Also make sure it’s kept in a vase with water if it’s a fresh flower bouquet, and we shall do the same.

7. Jewellery

We know sometimes you can’t decide which is which. Maybe you have two or more sets of jewellery, but if you can decide before we arrive that’d be great.

When we arrive, we just take pictures of the jewellery that you’re going to be wearing on your day. This includes ear rings, necklaces, bracelets etc.

8. Veil

We love to use the veil to soften up pictures and incorporate with other details.

9. Perfume

We believe that your perfume too should be photographed together with your other details.

10. The watch

This too should not be left out. In most cases, it is the groom who has the watch and we love to capture it nicely since it makes for a nice page in your photo book.

When is best to have the details ready?

When you get up in the morning before you start having hair and makeup done.

We are most likely to arrive during hair or makeup time so we wouldn’t want a situation where you have to stop just to get us those details or to send someone to do it who won’t be able to gather everything.

Remember that a delay on one thing can easily set you back on the programme for the rest of the day.

Trying to get together small stuff in a hurry is a recipe for disaster, you are obviously going to miss something, sadly.

The more the delay to get them, the less the time we have for photographing these beautiful details, so the best is to do it early morning when there is less chaos and everything is still calm.

l This article was written at Profound Photography, a Zimbabwean Photography and Video filming company that shoots weddings nationwide. For more information about our wedding photography, please visit or call/whatsapp +263 776 253 019.

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