The law of mastering your money

The Debt Catch-22
When God blesses us with money, He expects us to tithe, but it does not end there. He also leaves a responsibility upon you to manage the rest of the money in a way that honours Him. I cited a verse in the previous chapters where the Lord says, “silver is mine and gold is mine” God gives us money to steward it faithfully, in a way that perpetuates the Kingdom of God.

There is one major way to subject money under your mastership that is dedicating it to the master himself, “the Lord.” Money is a threat in God’s kingdom, for the love of it dangerously displaces the throne of God, it is easy to worship money.

There is a popular saying that goes, “what you fail to master will eventually master you.” This in the area of money applies beyond doubt. Debt is the culprit. We are dealing with many people out there who while they are running large empires and others have great visions, are under serious debt. Many have struggled to come out of debt and have asked themselves, “how do I come out of debt?” This is what I intend to tackle in this series this week. Also refer to my books, The Blessing Connector, and Prophetic Business Principles where I have thoroughly expounded this subject.

Debt is a sum of money that is owed or due, where a person is legally obligated to pay back for services rendered or items purchased.

According to Crown, if you have a credit card, a debt of $5 560 at 18 percent APR, it’ll cost you $1 000 annually. The same $1 000 invested at 10 percent over 40 years will make you $442 000.

Debt is a yoke. It enslaves everyone who gets married to it, whether it is in form of a bank loan acquired legally, rental payments or some insurance subscriptions. You are bound either way.
God Bless!
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