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The matter of doubt

16 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
The matter of doubt Bible

The Chronicle

All the things that you are struggling with in Christianity, it is only a matter of doubt. We doubt God. We do not trust in the Lord that what He did yesterday He can repeat again tomorrow. That is why sometimes we leave some manna until morning.

The Bible says it bred worms and stank. Moses was angry because he told them that God had said you eat for today and tomorrow, I am your provision, I am your Jehovah Jireh every day.

For 40 solid years, the children of God were supposed to trust in Him and God would make sure that if you had doubt and you hide some manna somewhere under your mat, you would find it tomorrow smelling with worms. God had to force trust. If we were to trust in the Lord as human beings, even complaining would disappear, because we know that we trust in the Lord.

Some of us trust in our jobs, some in our businesses, and some in our relatives. Most of us do not know that there is a God who can give you bread straight from Heaven, not the bread that is spread by Lobel’s or Proton. There was bread that was raining from above which the children of God were receiving every day.

When Jesus came, He gave us the Lord’s prayer a manner in which we ought to pray. Matthew 6¹¹ He says, “Give us this day our daily bread” confirming what was happening in the wilderness. God was giving them every day their daily bread. God is teaching the church that there is what is called a daily provision for you. As long as you are a child of God you have got what is called a daily provision that is set aside for you. Tomorrow is in God’s hands. God has already planned for you tomorrow. You might be worried today, about when are you going to have your next meal or whether you are going to get your next dollar but God is not worried because He has already insured your tomorrow.

By Bishop Dr Prophet BS Chiza — Eagle Life Assembly.E-mail — [email protected]

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