The night Sikhonjwa brought a goat on stage Babongile Sikhonjwa with a goat on stage

Mbulelo Mpofu, [email protected]

The Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) may have come and gone, but one moment that will remain etched in people’s memories is when Babongile Sikhonjwa walked up to the podium with a brown goat.

Nowadays, a goat is a symbol of exceptional talent and is an acronym for, the “Greatest Of All Time”. Although Sikhonjwa alludes to himself as Bulawayo’s rockstar, he believes that the former main sponsor of the awards — United Refineries’ chief executive officer Busisa Moyo is the real GOAT in the art sector. Even Raisedon Baya agrees with him, saying that Moyo is “the goat”.

SaQobo, as Sikhonjwa is referred to, explained to Chronicle Showbiz that in as much as he is good at what he does, the idea behind bringing the goat was to honour Moyo and not to show off.

United Refineries boss Busisa Moyo receiving a goat on stage

“A lot of people think that I brought the goat to the awards as a way of gloating and showing everyone that I’m the ‘GOAT’ in Bulawayo, but that’s not it. I brought the goat to give it to my friend Busisa Moyo who is the real GOAT because he supports the arts sector.

“The whole idea wasn’t about me, but about me bringing the goat to the GOAT,” said SaQobo.

This was Sikhonjwa’s chance to show “the After Drive” listeners on Star FM what their newest recruit would sound like on air and he did not disappoint, steering the crowd into a sea of Lovemore Majaivana-song-singing army. Sikhonjwa joined Star FM yesterday, replacing Ollah 7.

The awards ceremony was a night of glitz and glamour, from unicorns, sniper masks, and designer suits to matching outfits. Nocturnal fashionistas came out to play, but as per standard procedure, SaQobo would not be outdone.

He spotted an animal print t-shirt and similar shorts with an animal skin headband and some sandals.

This is just how he rolls. At some point, he spotted a cow-hide outfit at the National Arts Merit Awards (Namas).

Babongile Sikhonjwa and Busisa Moyo embracing on stage at the ROilBAAs on Saturday night

Not one to shy away from testing his mettle, the pint-sized radio and television personality is known for his extraordinary birthday celebrations which have seen him engage in extravagant train parties, lively street bashes, and taking shooting lessons.

Moyo thanked the organisers of the RoilBAAs for the surprise goat and said he is “thinking of breeding or slaughtering the goat”.

However, it is reported that the goat is set to be used as the mascot for the United Refineries Football Team.—@MbuleloMpofu

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