The Power of a Vision

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The Power of a Vision Bible- Image taken from Shutterstock

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GOD hears your cry when you cry out to Him with the vision in your heart. People of God should rise up and refuse to let the vision die. Our Father God will open your spiritual eyes to see water if you have a vision. The vision has the voice, essence, vibration, virtue and attraction that God hears for the opening of your eyes. It cries out for you to get ideas if you are passionate about the vision. 

You will not perish and continue to grope in darkness if you hold on to the vision and cry out for it. If your spiritual eyes are opened, you will be amazed to realise that the blessings that you were previously oblivious to are close by. You will begin to see seas and wells of abundant overflow of water that you were unaware of and yet they were close by. Where there is no vision your eyes are closed to opportunities and you will die. You will not flourish because you will not be able to perceive or grasp opportunities right in front of you. 

Hagar was promoted from moving around with a bottle of water to a well. A well symbolises a generational blessing. It is something that is perpetual and can be inherited. The name of the well was Beersheba which means “The Lord my God has opened my eyes.” When your water comes (your blessings), supply the vision first so that your own supply will not run dry. Hagar gave water to the vision and guess what? She ended up with the well. 

The vision only needs a bottle of water to survive and you will end up with abundance for your children’s children. God had a reason to bless Hagar and so gave in abundance because He is a big God. The reason why the vision prays for your eyes to open is so that you may see the well that is full of abundant prosperity in order for you to perpetually nourish the vision. King David desired to build the house of God so the Lord blessed him with plans for the vision and not only that, God also gave him a great abundance of wealth to support that vision. Passion for the work of God allows God to bless you.

God Bless…

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