The power of operating under the anointing

When I get to heaven there is one man I would like to greet first, I know there are many other men who were used by God, but my favourite character in the Bible is Samson, I love Samson because he understood the anointing.


One day when the enemy took his wife, the Bible says Samson triggered the anointing, he was anointed brethren, the Bible says he caught three hundred foxes two by two.

How can a man run and catch three hundred foxes, do you know the speed of only one fox? He caught three hundred foxes! He would catch two, tie their tails, ignite them and release them in the field, then run to catch two more, until he had burned three hundred.

He commanded the foxes to go and destroy the grain, vineyards and olive groves of the Philistines, he not only caught the foxes but he also commanded them, “I know you do not understand and you have never been taught but because I am anointed, I am giving you an address, a destination, go into my enemy’s field and destroy their crops,” and the foxes went.

I don’t know how he did that!

With the anointing of God, you can do the extraordinary.

After that, as if it was not enough, Samson picked up a jaw bone of a donkey in his right hand and killed one thousand Philistines who were angered by what he had done.

He slew one thousand soldiers, armed with spears, shields and dangerous weapons with a jaw bone of a donkey, because of the anointing; he was probably flying over the heads of one thousand soldiers.

I want to see this man in heaven; I want to ask him how he did it because it is not easy to defeat three men, let alone three hundred.

I am not talking about ordinary men but these were soldiers that were trained in warfare and Samson was not a trained soldier but he was full of the power of the Holy Ghost.

He was just hitting, probably, some on the stomach, some on the chest some on the head and a thousand died in a matter of hours.

The Bible says in Judges 15 verse 14 that the power of God came strongly upon him.

With the anointing of the Holy Ghost, you can do anything.

That is how Jesus word healed people, he would just send a word and people would be healed, it was the anointing, the power of the Holy Ghost.


Jesus would perform miracles of raising the dead.

If you are anointed by God, you can do mighty things.

God bless …

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