The Seasons of Testing Part 1

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The Seasons of Testing Part 1 Bible

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James 1:2
2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds.

God tests the righteous to see what is inside their heart and mind.

There is a difference between a test and a temptation.

A test comes to prove you and lift you to a higher level but temptations come from the devil to make you fall.

Testing proves to you where your level of maturity is in the things of the Lord and how you have grown in the things of the Lord.

Types of tests that God brings:

1. The test of small things.

This is a test that comes to prove our faithfulness and potential for greater things and opportunities.

God wants to test us first with small things before promotion and abundance.

There is no promotion that comes into our lives without God first testing us with small things.

Before God can make you tithe millions, He will test you with $10 and before God can give you a car, He will test you with a bicycle.

If you fail the test of small things then God will know that you cannot qualify for much or for big things.

The level of money that you have right now, God is testing you to see if you are faithful so do not despise the days of small things.

Before God gives you your own house, He will allow you to rent, to see how you will take care of someone else’s house.

There are no short-cuts, you have to be tested and God will begin to increase you in every way.

Even if you are in business, that business that you have in a small corner somewhere, God is testing you before He promotes you.

As a Prophet, for one year in 2003, I pastored one person from January to December but I was still faithful.

I was preaching like I am preaching to 5 000.

I knew God was testing me, then the following year in 2004 God graduated me to five members in the church then we became eight and now we are in our thousands.

During the moments of a test, you have to encourage yourself in the Lord, so be encouraged; be faithful with the small things that you have at that level.
God Bless…
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