The significance of the extent of the problem

Today we read Luke 9 verse 37-42. When Jesus came to the young man who had a spirit that would throw him on the ground, the Bible says when Jesus came the boy dropped on the ground and the situation became worse. The reason why when Jesus arrived, the situation became worse is that before He shows His hand, the problem has to manifest itself and show the extent of its greatness. It has to show its extent of power before He shows His power. When Jesus has arrived, the situation tends to become worse so whenever you see the situation becoming worse to an unimaginable extent, you must know that the hand of God has come. The hand of God shows up in the moments when we are now desperate. 

When Ezekiel went around Ezekiel 37 verse 1-5, the Lord asked him a question, “Can these bones live?” and said, “Oh, Lord, you know.” because he knew that it was only God who could deal with that situation. When God wants to deal with your situation, He allows you to see the extent of its greatness. That’s why sometimes you pray for some time, days or even years and you do not see any hand of God coming. He comes in an impossible situation. The more impossible your situation gets, it is the sign that the Lord is now ready to deal with the impossibilities in your life. If there are things happening in your life, some hardships, some struggles, you must know this is when you are going to see the hand of God. Every moment the Lord showed up in the Bible, there was a desperate situation.

The hand of God is the strength of God. It is the dominion of God, the empowerment of God, and the favour of God upon someone. It talks of His presence in the lives of His people so when we talk of the hand of God, we are talking of the divine presence of God that is full of power, dominion, rulership, empowerment, strength and significance.

By Bishop Dr Prophet BS Chiza Eagle Life Assembly.E-mail [email protected]

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