The tragedy of politicising crime: Case of Moreblessing Ali

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The tragedy of politicising crime: Case of Moreblessing Ali Moreblessing Ali

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Tafadzwa Mugwadi, Feature

There has been a sad, stinking and malicious attempt by renegade opposition honchos, rank and file to score cheap, inhumane and unbridled political points on crime scenes in Zimbabwe.

The major culprits in this sad reality must be listed as they are and are as follows:

1. The banana MDC-CCC faction led by Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

2. The civil society and NGOs

3. Renegade diplomats led by the US ambassador, British ambassador, Canadian ambassador and the EU ambassador.

4. A choreographed subservient pro-Uncle Tom media and its social media behave-alike.

In this must-read piece for every concerned Zimbabwean and lately, the family of the late Moreblessing Ali, I seek to expose based on a systematic examination of the trends of cover up tweets, statements and pattern of behaviour by the above culprits.

It is common knowledge that when a crime occurs, the law enforcement agents must be the first unit of call through reporting crime and once that happens, they take over and use their professional skills to investigate and uncover the crime, arrest perpetrators preliminarily identified as suspects at law.

The next stage is compilation of evidence related to the crime and judiciary proceedings.

When the suspects have been linked to the crime beyond reasonable doubt, they are convicted and sentenced according to the laws of the Republic.

This is a simplified criminal procedure and the justice process in Zimbabwe.

On 26 May 2022, a Zimbabwean by the name Moreblessing Ali was kidnapped by a known person identified in police reports as Pius Jamba who is said to have been in some relationship with the late.

This was witnessed by Kirina Mariyoni, a friend to Ali who was also assaulted by a catapult supposedly targeted at Moreblessing Ali from the raged suspected boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.

While Kirina Mariyoni found refuge in the bar from the violence, her friend Ali was kidnapped by the key suspect Jamba only to be found dead after 17 days on 11 June 2022.

While her family has been working with police to find closure on her whereabouts, the MDC-CCC faction and its loudmouths affiliated NGOs were busy seeking to score political expediencies, feasting on the grief of a family that is little known for any political activism.

Who was Moreblessing Ali?

A random check on all social media platforms does not reveal that Moreblessing Ali was an active user of any social media platform for any political ideological persuasion.

There is virtually nothing attributed to her on social media, not even a social media account or handle.

This is important because political activism is by and large social media-based.

Secondly, no records anywhere else show that she was an active or passive member of any political party or NGO besides that she worked at Chitungwiza Town Council.

None of her family members close or distant are known for any form of political activism.

Given the foregoing, what is clearer is that Moreblessing Ali was just a single mother, innocent of any political contestations but one who worked for her family in her own ways.

Not even a single picture shows her in any regalia or suggest quasi-political belonging to assume or suspect there might have been some political dispute leading to her death.

Now, what begs an answer is: How did MDC-CCC elements in Job Sikhala, Fadzai Mahere, NGOs, Ambassadors from the EU, UK, Canada and USA arrive at concluding that her alleged boyfriend or ex, kidnapped her and murdered her for political reasons?

This is a fundamental question that makes this article a must read for all Zimbabweans and the global citizens who wishes to get an understanding of why every crime, or clear act of crime must be interpreted politically by the said embassies, parties and NGOs as well as the rented trojan media.

A careful, un-stampeded reading of this piece reveals deeper reasons why the MDC-CCC faction working with NGOs, western embassies and a rented media are always eager to vilify Zimbabwe and her people in the global media.

MDC-CCC hijacking Moreblessing Ali case

The MDC-Alliance’s banana faction as a political group, inherited the MDC’s tired script of seeking to win political sympathies through faking victimhood.

This was the modus operandi of Morgan Tsvangirai then, but by the time he died, he had abandoned this script and condemned it as a burden to the nation.

The political upstarts in the MDC-CCC faction led by Chamisa has sought to resurrect the same strategy because they have no alternative ideas to those of Zanu-PF under President Mnangagwa on key issues like the economy, infrastructure, service delivery, agriculture and diplomacy.

President Mnangagwa

From Tsvangirai, they learnt nothing and forgot nothing.

This behaviour did not start on the late Moreblessing Ali. It started with a fake abduction involving Joana Mamombe, Cecelia Chimbiru and Netsai Marova.

The whole world is now aware of how these fake abduction series masterminded by a certain Murphy went wrong.

Today, Joana Mamombe and her notorious crew are standing before the courts in a case quiet so clear that they lied against the State, faking an abduction to win political milestones — the victimhood strategy.

Sensing the imminence of conviction as overwhelming evidence continue to pour against them, Netsai Marova has since been assisted by the master-minders of the abduction to evade justice and skipped the borders to Norway.

Now, no person runs away from justice when they are innocent. Clearly, Netsai Marova is dodging the burden of proving that she was abducted. She is now a fugitive of justice.

Not only Netsai Marowa ran away. In 2020, a little-known doctor, unknown even for a single medical phenomenon was said to have been abducted by State agents.

He is the one who announced so through his cellphone calls and social media messages.

He was daily communicating false routine ordeals of torture allegedly under the so-called abductors.

The abductors, we are told by the doctor’s version allowed him to call people and update them on his alleged physical torture ordeal.

After a week, the same doctor Peter Magombeyi announced to the world he had found himself and called his friends and family and some embassy officials breaking the news that he had just found himself.

That sounds silly indeed, that abductors or kidnappers would allow their victim to communicate, call, WhatsApp daily? As if this was not enough, when State agents investigated and found it was all fake and choreographed as the notorious doctor of shame showed up with no physical injury despite alleging he was beaten and deprived of food and water for  seven days, the police instituted legal proceedings against him for faking abductions to tarnish the image of the Republic.


Faced with the burden of proving his fake abduction, the doctor was again assisted through clandestine operations by the master-minders of the fake abduction to escape justice via the United States of America.

More was yet to come, as the master-minders sought to try their luck, this time using a Zimbabwean comedian with a naturally swollen face, eyes, head, hair, nose, cheeks and forehead.

She is naturally swollen but not in pain or disability out of that swollenness.

In smiles, laughter and joy or in sombre mood, her face is naturally in crying mood. No funny is intended in this description but those who know her, your guess is as good as mine.

She narrated a similar ordeal of physical harm at the hands of so-called state agents but there was nothing that corroborated that after medical examinations.

She was left dejected and her story sounded more of a skit than real.

In all these faked incidences, the US Embassy and its sister renegade embassies like the EU, UK et cetera accused the state of human rights violations, sponsoring abductions and torture.

After thorough investigations exposed the fake abduction shenanigans, they never released the statements apologising for that undiplomatic conduct because it exposed them and their asymmetrical warfare and hostile strategies against Zimbabwe and the Zanu-PF Government.

But, in all these shenanigans, the Zimbabwean nation, her innocent people and Leadership were left battered image-wise through the deliberate false impressions alarmed by these embassies, MDC-CCC factions, fake news media and the NGOs.

That bad image created against our people, nation and leadership accounts for ill-treatment of Zimbabweans in some foreign countries today.

That leaves me to say that the only contribution that opposition MDC-CCC factions have made to Zimbabwe and its people is bringing shame, ridicule, vilification, loss of dignity, disrepute and retrogressive primitive and barbaric antagonistic politics.

They can’t solve the garbage crisis in towns, the water situation in Harare, the bhinya roads and sewer in the backyard of MDC-CCC run town councils but they want to make headlines over crime scenes through barbaric comments.

Coming to the sad story of a dear sister Moreblessing Ali, there is no doubt that all efforts must be anchored on bringing out the alleged culprit Pius Jamba who owes you, me and all of us, an explanation of why he murdered her or why his violent actions led to the disappearance and discovery of a murdered Ali.

That needs no Zanu-PF or MDC-CCC factions.

That needs no US, UK, Canadian or EU ambassadors but our criminal justice system and the law enforcement agents. No sane Zimbabwean can smile at this callous murder of one of our own.

No sane Zimbabwean would rejoice at the murder of their sister, brother or mother in whatever circumstances. Whether that was a love triangle dispute or not, our nation is an Ubuntu nation and no murder has gone unaccounted for in this Republic, essentially under the Second Republic as it were.

Under President Mnangagwa, no Zimbabwean has been missing without trace, no crime has been left lying.

Rather, comparative analysis shows that murder and violent fatal crimes are more prevalent South of the Limpopo, Northern DRC, Eastern Mozambique of Cabo del Gado and ritual killing targeting albinism in Eastern Africa.

None of these have generated interest from these embassies.

The interest in isolated crime situations in Zimbabwe is born out of the known stupid agenda by such embassies to present a false picture about Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF to the unresearched population of the world so that they make summary conclusions about our nation and see it in bad light.

This is exactly, the rehearsed script being used to manipulate the murder of Moreblessing Ali, to politicise it for selfish political ends by the little boys and girls nursing political adolescences in the CCC.

In 2020, the SABC and pro-opposition media in South Africa was sold a dummy, in the case involving the late MDC Alliance-CCC councillor Lavender Chimwaya who succumbed to voluntary intoxication of illicit brews.

The MDC-CCC faction in a clear attempt to manipulate the family which later on dismissed their narration of the events alleged Lavender Chimwaya had been killed by Zanu-PF.

In another case, the same media were sold another dummy that a child had been killed by police details enforcing lock downs.

Yet the child who is now at kindergarten, was never beaten or killed but her mother was protesting at the way the police officer had hit a windscreen close to her seat.

The mother confessed that it was all lies by people she had no knowledge of and the reasons why they were faking that minor incident.

In all these faked news headlines, lies and propaganda circulated to the world by the renegade embassies and their sideshows in the opposition, no one ever apologised.

The audience both local and global was left cheated by such naked lies and fake news.

Today, the same audience is being cheated deliberately by the banana faction brigade of Job Sikhala, Fadzai Mahere that Moreblessing Ali was killed for political reasons.

Assuming that people were killed for political reasons, can someone exactly explain to the people of Zimbabwe what form and quantity of threats did the late Moreblessing Ali pose to any political party, Zanu-PF, NCA, MDC-Alliance or MDC-CCC? What public or secret powers did she possess so as to cause any threat to any political foundation, let alone Zanu-PF? The reason why these two tough questions cannot be answered is because Moreblessing Ali lived a private life, independent of known or perceived political persuasions.

Today, the family of Moreblessing Ali as I candidly put the facts here is being subjected to a barrage of criticism by some of our hardline patriots, who justifiably feel their beloved revolutionary Party and Leadership are being unfairly criticised for that which they have no knowledge about.

They can’t let MDC-CCC factions and certain Ambassadors to run amok scandalising the dead woman, stripping her of dignity and subjecting her to unbridled insults by others in the process of trying to defend their innocent party and leadership from this clear case of criminal conduct.

Using a Grieving Ali Family for CHOGM

I must factually inform the nation, that these shenanigans of faking abductions or twisting facts and politicising deaths that have no relationship with any politics, have a history in Zimbabwe.

The shenanigans are always foolishly choreographed and rehearsed to coincide with international conferences, summits, or events of diplomatic significance to Zimbabwe.

The idea is to try to embarrass leadership ahead of such summits or provoke international discussions about Zimbabwe badly, justify renewal of illegal sanctions on our nation and presenting the opposition groups as victims of the state.

Now in 10 days’ time, the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be underway in Kigali-Rwanda.

Through the engagement and re-engagement agenda, Zimbabwe has expressed interest to be admitted into the commonwealth of nations.

The prospects for that have increased significantly under the Second Republic than they were before.

More countries have warmed up to that.

But if that were to happen, the MDC-CCC factions and their regime change agenda will be exposed and fizzle away from the face of our politics.

It is not in the interest of the opposition groups to see improved relations between Zimbabwe and Britain.

That is why, they are twisting facts of this common case of criminality to cause debate about Zimbabwe’s human rights situation.

This is then expected to be the UK’s ammunition and reason for denying Zimbabwe’s admission into the common wealth of nations.

The meeting starts on 20 to 26 June. By way of pre-empting them, mark my words this issue will be discussed at the common wealth by the UK and its functionaries.

The President at the 362nd Ordinary Session of the Politburo warned us about such tendencies and asymmetrical warfare strategies by our detractors and their proxies among the opposition.

The manner in which they are fighting to own Moreblessing Ali has even shocked the family of the slain woman.

One can be pardoned for thinking the yellow faction of the MDC-CCC groups has reduced itself from a political party to a funeral parlour given how they fight for relevance or hijack funerals.

Remember their leader created a scene that shocked villagers at Chief Mabhikwa’s burial where none of the mourners could recognise him, leading him to leave unnoticed, only to lie that he had been stopped from mourning.

How does Government or Zanu-PF stop one from mourning?

Open Letter Moreblessing Ali’s family

As Director of Information and Publicity for Zanu-PF, I seek through this open letter to communicate our heartfelt condolences on the tragedy that your family is going through following the kidnapping, disappearance and murder of your sister and mother Ms Moreblessing Ali.

May the Lord, comfort you all as you look for answers of the sad and callous circumstances leading to her murder.

You have our full support and sympathies as Zanu-PF and may her soul rest in eternal peace.

It is our sincere hope that law enforcement agents will uncover every truth leading to her unfortunate death.

In the same vein, in my capacity as Director, I advise you all as friends, relatives and children of Ms Moreblessing Ali, to take notice of the malicious, unscrupulous and scandalous attempts to manipulate her death by opposition elements and some sections of the media which seek to weaponise your grief against others who are grieving with you and looking for the same answers with you.

I am pretty sure this is not what your family needs now.

It is never too late for everyone to leave the police to do their work, and that those with any information leading to the arrest of the main suspect Pius Jamba who is at large now, to assist the police to speed up his arrest.

I strongly, just as you do, believe that this suspect will give all of us the missing answers in the whole puzzle.

I advise you to repel those seeking to score cheap political points out of the sad passing on of your relative.

That is not what love, companion and empathy is. We cannot not cheat the dead in Africa.

We must never undermine Ubuntu, no matter how bad our situation may be.

Those seeking attention out of your grief and sad situation certainly have no respect for Moreblessing Ali, your mother and sister even in death.

Once, again, may the Good LORD comfort your hearts, knowing that every one of us is mourning with you.


Tafadzwa Mugwadi

Zanu-PF Director for Information and Publicity

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