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The Unveiled confident of winning Amazing Voices competition

23 Jun, 2021 - 00:06 0 Views
The Unveiled confident of winning Amazing Voices competition The Unveiled

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
The Unveiled, the remaining music group from Zimbabwe at the Old Mutual Amazing Voices competition, has vowed to bring the title home after making the top three this past weekend.

They are now battling against South Africa’s Hush and Nigeria’s 121 Selah, two groups that have been strong forces from the beginning of the show.

Speaking from Sun City, South Africa where the Pan-African singing competition is taking place, the group yesterday expressed confidence in bringing the US$100 000 prize money home.

Their spokesperson, Ashley Mapfumo, said they are overjoyed by making top three at the highly competitive competition. He thanked fans for all the feedback they have been giving them saying it is through their support that they have made it this far.

Mapfumo said they will continue to work hard as they have set their eyes on bringing the title to Zimbabwe.

“We’re ecstatic and grateful to everyone who made it possible for us to make it this far in the competition. Their support and our zeal has kept us going because without these, we’d have left the competition a long time ago.

“We’ve been putting in a lot of work to ensure we make our mark and we’re glad it’s paying off,” said Mapfumo.

From day one on the show, the group from Harare has been using the #ChinhuChedu tagline, showing their level of ownership and confidence in themselves. Mapfumo said they will continue to represent Zimbabwe with pride.

The group’s performance of Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory, a song that was selected for them by the show’s advisor, Zwai Bala was on-point as they visibly applied all they had been taught by the judges over the weeks.

Their energetic performance on Sunday that had prophetic lyrics “. . . all I wanna do is make you proud of me. He saved the day, He will come through,” indeed saw the group making judges proud and sailing into top three.

Their coach of the week, Bala said: “You made me proud of you tonight. I think I’ve just discovered what makes you guys special. You have the funk, showmanship and I’m seeing this for the first time. You’ve got what 121 Selah has, but they’re not your competition. If you keep this going, this is what can keep you closer to the US$100 000.”

Another judge, Trigmatic said: “Your performance was so amazing. You kept going from start to end and brought it in. Because of you, now

I know the competition is going to be tighter.”

Concurring with Trigmatic, judge Vusi Nova said: “They definitely have the funk. I was immediately drawn by your energy. The leader showed leadership, your tone was amazing and the vocalists were at the back following you with so much energy. Everything about the performance was amazing.”

Judge Evelle said: “Tonight you performed. It wasn’t just about the voices as it was a full package. You brought the fire on.”

Another judge, Ammara Brown who was at a loss for words simply congratulated the group for a job well done by ululating for them.

“I’m speechless but we’ll see you at the finals,” she commented.

Despite the good news of making top three, Sunday’s episode was an emotional one for The Unveiled as they watched their countrymen, Effect being eliminated from the show. This is one group that has always had Effect’s back, evidenced by their reactions every Sunday when the results were being announced. One could literally see their hearts skip each time Effect made bottom three showing how much the group wanted to make it to the top with their countrymen.

Commenting on Effect’s sad departure, The Unveiled said: “While it’s an honour for us to still be representing Zimbabwe, at the same time, it’s also sad that the dream of having two Zimbabwean groups in the finale didn’t materialise.”

For the last two episodes of the show, the group said they will take all the feedback they have received from the show’s judges and fans alike and continue to implement it.

“We’re also going to up our marketing on social media so as to gain as many followers as possible who’ll in turn vote for us,” said Mapfumo.
Voting lines are set to open after this Sunday’s performances. [email protected]_mthire.

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