The vineyard of Solomon

Song of Solomon 8:11

Solomon had a vineyard at Baalhamon; he let out the vineyard unto keepers; every one for the fruit thereof was to bring a thousand [pieces] of silver.(KJV)

Solomon had a vineyard and garden at Baal Hamon: It had keepers who guarded its fruits. Whoever wanted to partake of the fruits from Solomon’s vineyard was supposed to pay a thousand silver coins.

This Solomonic garden is still there in present Israel. Solomon acquired his wealth because he understood the power of a thousand.

The Talmud Jewish History says that Solomon had a vineyard that was very blessed. The fruits of that Baal Hamon Vineyard had a certain anointing that if you would partake of them, you would begin to prosper.

There was a Jewish myth and belief that people who were becoming rich, having breakthroughs and prosperity in their lives partook of the fruits of that vineyard.

It was like a spiritually blessed special vineyard with miraculous fruits that had an anointing to break one’s poverty.

Since Solomon was an economic Prophet of God, it is believed that according to this 1000 burnt offering principle and revelation that made him wealthy, he introduced a thousand seed payment/offering which everyone was to bring before God; in fact, a thousand silver coins.

The Lord revealed to me that even if Solomon is no more, this vineyard, this tree is still there in the spirit realm but one cannot partake of its prosperity, its fruits without the revelation of giving a thousand unto God. There is power in giving a thousand.


When you are in the kingdom of God, you must know that you are part of a supernatural realm that operates in supernatural ways. Therefore, you ought to pray for spiritual eyes that do not just look but eyes that perceive.

Perceiving is deeper than looking. In Hebrew it means having a revelation and deducing a conclusion. It is beholding revelation knowledge that gives you the ability to position yourself to download the power of God for your breakthroughs. That aligns you to receive blessings from the Lord.

God Bless …

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