This week’s Top 10 songs with DJ Prince Eskhosini DJ Khumz

Sthandwa Sami — DJ Khumz & Lihle
Luna — Ma B & Stewie Le Savage
Every Man Cheats — Kully Tangu
Stimela — Dj Otis & Mazet
Vukuyosebenza — Samapiano
Gaya — Mjava & Stormza
Ugesi ka Africa — Josh Major
Marry Me — TCK
Real Geez — Cashiez
Bhawa — Teekay G
Topping the charts this week is DJ Khumz and Elihle with the song Sthandwa Sami which features Lihle.

Below is DJ Khumz profile
Q. Please tell us about yourself.
A. My name is Given Khumalo and my stage name is DJ Khumz. I’m from Bulawayo.
Q. How did you venture into music?
A. Back then, around 2006, I used to sing along to some kwaito hits and people would advise me to write my own music. They would tell me I have a powerful voice. That’s when I took an interest in music.

Q. The song Sthandwa Sami, what inspired it and who did you work with?
A. It was inspired by love in general, how we as men always appreciate ladies, but in this case, it was a lady appreciating her male partner. On the song, I worked with DJ Prado who is based in Russia and Elihle, the main vocalist on the album.
Q. What do you think makes a good song?
A. Quality, rhythm, and message. Timing and knowing your target market are also key.
Q. How long have you been in the music industry?
A. For about 13 years although I only started focusing on music production in 2019.

Q. Which artistes have you worked with?
A. Raphingolet and Mickey, Elihle, Cliff Jeans, Barrack Bhoza, Fab G, Kotwane Hikwa, DJ Prado, Kemm Vocals, African Tribe Ghost, Boocy and Lee Jay among many others.
Q. How many albums/EPs/singles do you have?
A. I have two albums. The first one was released in 2019. It was an Amapiano one with tracks such as Mixed Emotions ft Kotwane Hikwa and Indaba Yakho ft Kemm Vocals. My second album with Elihle dropped this year titled Love Yanoz and Blessings. It has tracks including Babengekho, Iknow, Mshana Kamalume and Sthandwa Sami. I also have two EPs titled The other half and 411 with tracks like 411 and Dlala ka yona.

Q. Who inspires you?
A. Initially, it was Mandoza and now it’s obviously DJ Maphorisa.

Q. Which music genre do you specialise in?
A. Amapiano music at the moment.

Q. What do you think artistes from the city should do to be recognised?
A. They should use the Internet to their advantage because there is no stage that’s bigger than the internet. As an artiste, if you feel like you are being shut out, just put your work out on the internet and somebody who appreciates it better will see it sooner or later.

Q. They say Bulawayo does not have its own sound. What is your take on that?
A. I actually think we do have our own sound, but it is not really accepted because it does not get enough exposure. Our people watch international television stations and when they attend gigs, they want to hear familiar stuff, that’s why we end up doing our own versions of what they want.

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