This week’s Top 10 songs with DJ Prince Eskhosini DJ Prince Eskhosini

1.Ngiyazifela Ngawe – BlueRose

2. Kumnandi – Piro Mangena & Pz Ft Mongolian x 31 wayz & Father K 

3. Phakama – Lil Swxe feat Lebo Pitsi

4. A Vibe – F3ll4don

5. Uthandolwakhe – Marshall K feat Browney

6. Ndiri Mulato – Maynee

7. Africa Day – Maynee

8. Langa – Reiko Viek, Simz Masuku, Vickmoe

9. Yebo – Ryne Synth and Muphy Cubic

10. Sihleli sizwisa – Achuzi

Below is a brief profile of this week’s number 1, BlueRose: 

Q. Tell us about yourself, who is BlueRose?

A. My name is Buhle Moyo. I attended Mzilikazi Primary and Sobukazi High School. BlueRose is the name I use for my musical and creative side. The brand intends to teach, encourage and build self-confidence among through music. This side of me helps me to express my struggles and victories. So my craft becomes my psychological and spiritual strength.

Q. What inspired you to pursue music?

A. I’ve always loved music from a tender age. But I never intended to pursue it at a professional level. Madlela Skhobokhobo (her mentor) inspired me to pursue it when he heard me sing. He told me that I can make it internationally so I decided to give it a shot.

Q. Who did you work with on the song Ngiyazifela Ngawe?

A. I worked with Innora. He produced the instrumental and mastered the track. I composed the song. 

Q. Most artistes complain that people from Bulawayo do not support local artistes, what is your take on that?

A. Well, that is true. I have realised that no one cares about local craft. People from the city only love comedy. I also realised that South African music dominates the most in Matabeleland. But, I appreciate the support that I get from the few people that know me from Sobukazi, Mzilikazi, and Makokoba.

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