This week’s Top 10 with DJ Prince Eskhosini

17 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
This week’s Top 10 with DJ Prince Eskhosini Absol Luz

The Chronicle

1. Preyung feat Scarrah and Absol Luz – Uyangilahla

2. Scarrah – Lobhengula

3. Proff the Maze – Fire Emoji rmx (BYO version)

4. Poly da Nqoe feat Mkhonto – Ulutsha

5. Lordson feat Plutonic – Entumbane

6. Real Shona – Potato

7. Calvin Mangena – Uthando

8. Ashleigh Love – Rudo

9. General feat Fab G – Emathandweni

10. Samapiano – Abantu




Topping the charts this week is Uyangilahla by Preyung featuring Scarrah and Absol Luz. Featured this week is Absol Luz. Below is his profile:

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. My name is Abraham Sandile Juba also known as Absol Luz. I’m very passionate about music and just like to make people feel good.

Q. How long have you been in the music industry?

A. It’s been three years now.

Q. The song Uyangilahla, how did you get involved in its recording?

A. I was working on a song with Collin the producer. Preyung and Scarrah came to the studio and one thing led to another and the magic started to happen.

Q. Which artistes have you worked with thus far?

A. I’ve worked with Mzistozz Mfanafuthi, Bigsmiles, Ornet, Mprincebeatz, Limzy M, Freke beats, Calvin Mangena, Scarrah, Collin, Danko Moses, Sparks 45, Lynden, Luka Revees, Buffalo Bill, Yung, Motion Tellers, Godzilla, Soul B, Lungz D and Kinah the music.

Q. How many albums/ EPs/ singles do you have? List notable songs

A. I have five singles including Zula Zula, Issues and Cold. I’m working on a Debut EP Called the Love We Give based on my personal love story.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. I’m inspired by Jon Bellion, Burna Boy, Masego, Drake, Bryson Tiller, Donel Mangena, Indigo Saint and Lynden. The list is endless

Q. Which music genre do you specialise in?

A. I specialise in a sound called Uniqueon which is a fusion of all of my favourite genres such as pop, trap-soul, hip-hop, Afro-pop, deep house, jazz and soul.

Q. It is said that we don’t have our own sound in Bulawayo. What’s your take on that?

A. I feel like we need a mix of our own sound and lyrical content that people from the city can relate to so that people in the city can enjoy the music and relate to it. This will enable them to find the motivation to shine through the dark days they face.

Q. What do you think artistes from the city should do to be recognised?

A. Artistes should try as much as possible to make their own sound through inspiration from all the genres they love and listen to different types of music so that they can stand out and be unique.

Q. Do you think promoters play a good role in developing local music or artistes?

A. Well, I think as far as I’m concerned, promoters are trying as much as they can to put in the work to find the best in the city.

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