This week’s Top 10 with DJ Prince Eskhosini DJ JVAN

1. Blessings – J Van & Joseph Black

2. Zula zula — Absoll Luz

3.Umona — Maluka

4. Nguwe wedwa — Floppy Flows

5. Confession — Browney

6. Patreck (azvibhadare) — Professor featuring Diliza

7. Low key – D Craze

8.A Vibe — Traggz

9. Izitha — Lola M

10. AmaDragon- Samapiano

Topping the charts this week is J Van with the song Blessings. Below is a brief profile of the renowned music DJ musician.

Q. Please tell us about yourself.

A. Jvan is an all-round entertainer, musician, radio and TV presenter, events DJ and MC. Above all I’m a believer in God through Christ.

Q. How did you venture into the music industry?

A. I started in high school as both a rapper and a DJ. I later chose the path that was paying for being a DJ. It is through that, that I finally got an opportunity to be a radio presenter which was a lifelong dream and I have grown to be the Executive Producer at Breeze FM 91.2 in Victoria Falls. Working as a presenter got me into spaces where artists exist and I was once again inspired to come back into the game in 2019 with the single Wadidizela feat Msiz’Kay.


Q. The song Blessings, what inspired it and who did you work with?

 A. Life struggles tend to make us forget to celebrate life just as it is. This song serves to remind us to be thankful to God for giving us life, and all that we are while we look forward to our dreams. We need to be grateful for all that we are and have. I worked with DJ Ace Karter (Joseph Black) of Izankaleli fame.

Q. How long have you been in the music industry?

A. I got into the game in 2004

Q. Which artistes have you worked with so far?

A. To date, I have worked with Msiz’Kay, Tony Witness, The Shoemaker, Danman Croc, Maskal, Chuchu, 2Izzy, Ace Karter Pablo 7, Razz, back in the day did some work with KeiG, Msheznana, Khuxxman, Blakout, hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Q. How many albums/EPs do you have?

A. I’ve only done six singles.

Q. Who inspires you?

A. Honestly too many people to count. The current young crop of local artistes inspired me to come back, the likes of Lil Muzie, Chuchu, Tony Witness, Asaph, then there’s Brose who we grew up listening to or around and they never left the game like POY, and the late Cal_ Vin. Somehow listening to them and watching them grind made me realise that it’s not only about the money but the love for craft and the will to push till we make it.

Q. Which type of music are you into?

A. So far I haven’t categorised myself. I might just surprise you with a marabi/kwela type of song before the year ends. I’m simply following my heart and working with the melodies that God gives

Q. What do you think makes a good song?

A. For me its heart. You have to give what you have, what you feel and what comes naturally. Never mind the trends and do you because what’s inside of you is what is missing out there.

Q. They say Bulawayo doesn’t have its own sound. What’s your take on that, do you think we need our own sound or we need lyrical content that people from the city can relate to?

A. What we need is people                who are willing to listen to music as it is. There’s no need to have a Kumbaya approach to sound as a city or region because as people we are different, with different influences.

Q. What do you think artistes from the city should do to get recognised?

A. This is a tough one. We need a fully functional industry. An industry that invests in the artiste marketing. There’s a lot of great music that’s not recognised because there’s a push that lacks. It’s not really the artist’s fault, it’s the lack of a team to push the content. Look at what Don Jazzy and the West Africans do for their artistes.

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