Three arrested for child pornography

Kudzai Gaveni, Online Writer

A SUCCESSFUL joint operation by the South African Police Service’s Serial and Electronic Crime Investigations (SECI) unit and the United States Department of Homeland Security led to the arrest of three child online sexual predators.

Child pornography is distributed illegally worldwide and children are often forced or tricked into taking part.

It is a growing cancer that many countries, including Zimbabwe, have enacted laws against.

In a statement, SECI said a 53-year-old man from Worcester was arrested for distributing and possessing a collection of 95 000 images and videos of child pornography and was taken into custody on 17 January 2024.

“A 53-year-old man from Worcester was the first to be arrested on Wednesday, 17 January 2024. He has so far been found with 95 000 images and 6 000 videos of child pornography. He faces a charge of accessing, distributing, and possession of child pornography.”

 “A man who posed as a teenager to lure underage girls to a chat group where child pornography was distributed and shared is amongst three Child Online Sexual predators who have been arrested in a joint operation by the SAPS Serial and Electronic Crime Investigations (SECI) unit and the USA Department of Homelands Security in the past week,” reads the statement.


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