Tin Tin in fresh nudes storm

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Tin Tin in fresh nudes storm Tinopona ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande.

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Tinopona ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande.

Tinopona ‘Tin Tin’ Katsande.

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RADIO and television personality Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande has come out guns blazing following reports on various social media sites that her nudes were circulating, something she says is a total lie as she doesn’t want to relive the same nightmare she went through four years ago.

In 2012, Tin Tin and her then boyfriend Brian Munjodzi recorded a sex tape that was leaked to the public after her phone was allegedly stolen from her.

After that Tin Tin lost her job at urban station ZiFM and was widely ridiculed by many who had watched the sex tape.

Now it seems there are a series of nudes circulating on social media of a woman who has a remarkable resemblance to Tin Tin.

A shocked Tin Tin shared her shock and disappointment at the leaked nudes on Facebook yesterday saying: “Oh my word! The mind boggles. How can anyone possibly think these nudes circulating could be me? Firstly why on God’s green earth would I want to be exposed and violated like that again and more importantly why would I want to put my loved ones through all that AGAIN? Idiwhi chokwadi”.

According to Tin Tin, the nudes of the voluptuous woman in different suggestive positions are of someone else as her own body is slim.

“Okay, I’ll admit if you don’t know me, this voluptuous woman bears a somewhat facial resemblance to me (depending on the angle you look at her hahaha ) but that full figure bust and butt is nowhere near my flat chested (sic), flat a** , chicken leg skinny self (mmmm but between you and I though, if I had a body like that tjhooo, I would be super dope hanti? lol) but Naaah sorry folks that isn’t me. So all you #DrGodo’s in these “groups groups” #STOPIT already. And whoever is starting this malice on local public personalities GET HELP,” posted Tin Tin.

After her Facebook post, Tin Tin decided to post a video in which she used unprintable words.

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