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Tips for your partner this Valentine’s Day

10 Feb, 2018 - 00:02 0 Views
Tips for your partner this Valentine’s Day

The Chronicle


Showbiz Correspondent
Movies, dinner and a nature walk seem to be some of the things that couples will be doing this month of love as Valentine’s Day fast approaches.

This is the day when red roses, red wine in its assorted flavours, chocolate, perfumes and other gifts are doled out to people’s loved ones to make them happy and affirm their love.

Already shops and places of leisure around the City of Bulawayo are gearing themselves for the day February 14 that lands mid next week.

Its glittering red and white in most shops ,lingerie, coffee mugs and teddy bears are already on display.

Given the prevailing economic environment characterised by reduced disposable income, many people want to make the day as special as possible while paying the least amount.

New couples will look forward to the day as their love is still young and fresh while those who are long in the tooth, it’s a day to reaffirm their love to each other.

However for couples in relationships Valentine’s Day has become boring as people do the same things over and over again.

Some can even predict the gift their partner will get them this Valentine’s Day while others find the tradition fast becoming dull year in and year out.

Valentine’s Day for men is a dreaded time of the year with some already scratching their heads trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Well, a love letter might do the trick!

Yes, write her a love letter in your own handwriting telling her what she really means to you. If properly executed, she’ll cherish the letter the rest of her life.

These are the safe options along with buying her perfumes and chocolates. One dangerous one is to buy her lingerie, because you might buy the wrong size.

This will also give the wrong signals especially if the relationship is new. Men tend to have selective amnesia during this time of the year and forget that it’s Valentine’s Day. Few women don’t attach importance to this day but a few would admit that they don’t. Whichever the case, men should make an effort to remember.

All these tips are an additive to the other things that people normally do during Valentine’s Day.

Teddy bears, lingerie, cologne, dinner and chocolates have been the order of the day every year but there are other ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one this year.

Dinner or a movie alone this year won’t cut it as most partners want an experience after these activities during Valentine’s Day.

Be adventurous, go out and have fun this Valentine’s, it will definitely add colour and happiness to your love life.

One of those experiences on offer this year is an adventure at Amagugu International Heritage Centre for love birds through a Couple’s Retreat as it is called.

A road trip adventure to the centre, 60 km away from Bulawayo along the Bulawayo-Kezi road next Saturday morning will last the whole day.

It is for those who are not able to squeeze in time during the week to spend a moment together because of work commitments and can do so in the midst of the Matopo landscape.

There is a scenic walk through nature, braai on the rocks, mountain climbing, traditional dancing and the like all for $40 per couple.

In the evening the couples can opt to go for a Valentines Dinner at Rainbow Hotel which will coincide with a comedy from Ntando Van Moyo’s I’m your president show.

For movie lovers Ster Kinekor has a special called For the Love of Cinema where people can pay $10 each and watch three movies during the month of love.

Holiday Inn hosts couples for a Hollywood Valentine’s Day dinner with lovebirds parting with $50 per couple for a four course meal. Couples are expected to be dressed in red, black and gold evening wear and to light up the night, the hotel will be giving away prizes for the best dressed couple. Entertainment will be provided by Sperva at the hotel’s gardens.


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