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Today’s SMS/Whatsapp reader feedback Tendai Biti

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Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Responses to “Biti gets quality justice: Acting PG”. Tendai Biti, you must never betray Zimbabwe. That’s how karma works.— MacweanS

Demonstrations with trail of violence and destruction of property are illegal. If he indeed was behind the inciting of this violent demonstration then he has a case to answer. Lets uphold the rule of law. Let this issue be resolved once and for all so we can move forward. — Cruexillelo

Response to “ED hints on fresh faces for Cabinet”. Thank you so much for upholding the Constitution Mr President-elect. You really mean great business for the new Zimbabwe. I congratulate you on this stance. Keep it up! Let God’s will prevail. — Chaibva

Thank you for your vision ED. We need a corrupt free Zimbabwe and this starts from the calibre of ministers to all. We also need a youthful cabinet that includes competent members outside politics for economic recovery. — Kid Marongororo

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