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Today’s whatsapp feedback Zinara office

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Response to “Govt dissolves Zinara board”.
Good move. Appoint people with relevant qualifications. It’s sad that Juma was caught up in political fights and ended up being sent to prison. — Olievermm.

Response to “Govt warns demonstrators”. Absolutely strange things happening in this country. The ZCTU wants to demonstrate about the state of the economy in this country? These are the people who are supposed to know why the economy is in this state. These are the people who should be leading the drive to rebuild the economy. These are the people who will benefit more when the economy improves. These are the very same people whose colleagues are providing cash to trade on the parallel market and ruining the economy. Now the question is; who are they demonstrating against? Themselves? How stupid can an organisation be? — Masaisai.

Response to “Man shot dead in Harare CBD”. I went to council offices to report an incident where their parking guy was letting the touts collect fees at the corner of Angwa and Mandela. I was asked to write a letter and they never responded. I was extorted by a tout with the support of a parking attendant despite the fact that I was prepared to pay through the proper channel. — Clever Garikai.

Congratulations President on your honorary doctorate, you deserve it. — Farai Zimuto.

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