Treasury defends police cars purchase

19 Nov, 2018 - 00:11 0 Views
Treasury defends police cars purchase Mr George Guvamatanga

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Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Correspondent
TREASURY has defended the acquisition of 80 police vehicles saying the cars which were bought for less than $3 million and not nearly $100 million speculated on social media were necessary for law enforcement agents to fulfil their constitutional mandate.

Finance and Economic Development Ministry permanent secretary Mr George Guvamatanga set the record straight through his Twitter account on Saturday, dismissing claims that Government bought 800 single cab Toyota Hilux for the police.

This was after some social media users claimed that Government had splashed $100 million to buy 800 cars for police while questioning Government’s priorities in face of the ballooning internal trade deficit.

Mr Guvamatanga said Government bought 80 vehicles and not 800. He said the cost was less than $3 million and not $100 million which is being being thrown around through social media.

“This is factually incorrect. A single cab Toyota does not cost $125 000. The police acquired 80 Single cab vehicles for operations and only 40 vehicles have been delivered to date.

“A fully equipped police service is an imperative in any country. The 80 vehicles were acquired at a total cost of less than $3m,” twitted Mr Guvamatanga.

He said the country cannot have a police service that cannot effectively discharge its Constitutional mandate due to transportation challenges.

“Austerity does not mean creating a dysfunctional Government through lack of basic resources and equipment needed for the maintenance of peace and order in the country,” he said.

Mr Guvamatanga dismissed claims that Government was neglecting other sectors.

“We are also addressing some of the challenges faced by the broader social services delivery in the country. A lot is happening behind the scenes,” twitted Mr Guvamatanga.

Recently, Home Affairs and Culture Deputy Minister Cde Mike Madiro told legislators that police were facing operation challenges emanating from shortage of vehicles.

He said while the police force should operate with a vehicle complement of 7 000 cars, they only had 1 000 cars which was affecting service delivery.

On several occasions, police have delayed to attend to accidents and crime scenes as result of lack of transport.


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