Treat for art lovers

27 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Treat for art lovers Scenes from the official launch of Culture Week Bulawayo and Africa Day celebrations in Nkulumane on Tuesday. — Pictures by Culture Mag

The Chronicle

Angela Sibanda, Showbiz Reporter

It was an event to remember for the Nkulumane community as they were the epicentre of the official launch of the Culture Week Bulawayo and Africa Day celebrations on Tuesday.

Art lovers were given a treat of diverse cultural dance and music at Nkulumane Hall as the city joined the rest of the world to mark the cultural week which is celebrated from May 21 to 27 since its establishment by Unesco in 2001.

The event was characterised by amazing performances from Khaya Arts, Bambelela Arts, Thandanani Women’s Ensemble, Asante Mo, Isizwe Sabatsha, Simunye Simunye and Sithandazile Dube.

Local residents were summoned by loud music and cheering while those passing by were forced to stop and watch.

Addressing the crowd on behalf of the Minister of State and provincial affairs, the Deputy Director of Local Governance Beaulah Gwaze urged members of the public to continue upholding indigenous culture.

She went on to urge artistes to continue creating their craft.

“We must be resilient and safeguard our cultural diversity at all costs, leaving no one and no place behind.

Our cultural practices make us unique as Zimbabweans.

Our diversity defines our oneness and unity.

Zimbabwe is for all of us.

“To those of us with sharp minds or the creatives in our country, I say to you, do not let Covid-19 lock down your careers.

You must continue to create new work and explore new ways of distribution to enable access to your work,” she said.

Thandanani women’s ensemble


Gog’Matshabalala, the leader of Thandanani Women’s Ensemble said it is important to cherish cultural dances as they are key to conserving history.

“We have been around in this industry for a long time and we prioritise the upholding of our cultural dances for the benefit of the coming generations.

As we celebrate Africa Day, we wish that you people could take pride and learn these dances so that even when we are gone, our history as a people continues,” Gogo Matshabalala said.

Africa Day

Gog’Maphosa, another member of the group said: “We are a dance group that specialises in Isitshikitsha, which is one of the cultural dances that is taken for granted.

This type of dance was done for kings and warriors, especially when celebrating their return from war. As such, we need to make sure that such things are passed on to the next generations.”

Poetess Sithandazile Dube said celebrating Africa Day and other cultural events is an important aspect of society as it guides young people and also raises awareness of the new cultural aspects that people adopt from other cultures.

“Such days are important because they remind us of who we are.

I saw diverse acts today, a sign that culture is changing. It’s important that we share such acts so that we as young people, don’t get lost in our cultural ways and as we adopt other cultures, we know who we are,” she said.


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