Trevor D looks to spread wings

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Trevor D looks  to spread wings Trevor Dongo

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Trevor Dongo

Trevor Dongo

Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
URBAN grooves musician Trevor Dongo has collaborated with Nigerian musician Frenzy as he looks to spread his wings across Africa.

The singer has been in the industry for over a decade and is consistently working hard and wants to showcase his talent across the borders.  As part of this the Ndashamisika hitmaker linked with Frenzy from Nigeria to remix the song to a slow Afrobeat beat and renamed it Ndokuvimbisa.

Chronicle Showbiz caught up with the singer known as Trevor D to find out what he has been up to.

TZ: When can your fans expect a new album?

TREVOR D: An album is going to be a surprise but in the meantime I’ve been focusing more on singles.

TZ: How are you planning on taking your music across the continent?

TREVOR D: Through hard work and obviously the right connections because this industry works in a way of either you got the right connections or you got the right connections.

TZ: How did your collaboration with Nigerian artiste Frenzy come about?

TREVOR D: I met Frenzy through a good South African friend of mine. This is after I’ve been telling my friend about how I was planning on showcasing my talent across Zimbabwe’s borders that’s when I was introduced to Frenzy. We exchanged links to our music then we became good friends from there, so I wrote a song. We recorded it with Quazor and I pitched the idea to Frenzy. Without any hesitation he agreed to jump on the track.

TZ: How has being a family man helped you in your career?

TREVOR D: God comes first before everything so he guides my path so I’ll be able to balance time between my career and my private life.

TZ: Apart from music what else are you up to?

TREVOR D: Let’s say it’s going to be more and more surprises in terms of regional collaborations. I have a small business, still growing and definitely will be launching it soon as everything is in place.

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