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TSCZ fees shocker

18 Jan, 2021 - 00:01 0 Views
TSCZ fees shocker

The Chronicle

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
THE Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) has increased prices for its services by more than 10 000 percent with a defensive driving instructors’ course shooting to $24 000 from $190.

The new prices were approved by Government and are coming into effect today.

TSCZ urged all drivers to go for defensive driving lessons to reduce road accidents.

TSCZ’s major objective is safety education and training which goes beyond humanising driving.

As part of its driver’s improvement programme, TSCZ offers the internationally recognised defensive driving courses.

TSCZ acting director of operations Mr Ernest Muchena confirmed the development yesterday.

He said the old prices were not making any economic sense.

Mr Muchena said defensive driving instructors’ course now costs $24 000 up from $190.

“Basic defensive driving course (a) conducted at the venue of the traffic safety council costs $3 040, (b) conducted at the venue chosen by clients (in-house) costs $3 600, (c) including vision test, road test and psychomotor skills costs $3 840,” he said.

Heavy vehicle driver skills improvement programme now costs $12 000, transport management and fleet control course costs $16 000, driving school instructor course costs $17 600, duplicate driving school instructor certificate costs $1 600, assistant driving school instructors course costs $17 600, duplicate assistant driving school instructors certificate costs$1 600.

“Registration of a driving school now costs $20 000, renewal of registration of driving school costs $10 000, registration of cooperating agency costs $24 000, renewal of registration of a cooperating agency costs $20 000, certification of defensive driving course candidates trained by cooperating agency now costs $400, highway code (including two inserts of traffic signs and questionnaire is now sold for $200, miscellaneous fees, for example reissuing of lost certificates and inspection documents costs $400, course curriculum fees (student handbook) costs $800, student driver workbook costs $400, driving school premises logo costs $3 000,” said Mr Muchena.

He said the new fees and prices were approved by Government adding that the old prices had been there for a very long time and were no longer viable.

“As a State-owned enterprise, we applied to Government for the new prices which were approved. It took some time before they were approved and we know that it will take a very long time before they are reviewed,” said Mr Muchena.

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