TTI plans software updates for Bulawayo parking Stakeholders follow proceedings during a TTI meeting in Bulawayo yesterday

Peter Matika, [email protected] 

BULAWAYO’S parking management company, Tendy Three Investments (TTI), has announced that it will soon be launching new technology, as the current hardware installed in parking bays has been rendered obsolete, and is not compatible with new software updates.

The company will install cameras to monitor the city’s parking spaces and introduce a mobile application to reduce interactions with parking marshals.

TTI made the announcement yesterday, while also rolling out new packing fees, which it announced a fortnight ago.

TTI Stakeholders meeting

The new fees consist of three packages, which are Platinum package US$90 a month, Gold package US$50 a fortnight, and Silver package US$30 a week.

TTI board chairperson Mr Lizwe Mabuza TTI, said the fares were introduced after conducting several consultations and deliberations with stakeholders.

“There is obviously a bone of contention with respect to parking fees. There are a lot of complaints to do with the fees and clamping. 80 percent of vehicles that are clamped are mostly due to unpaid time and repeat offenders. We have introduced these packages to enhance motorists’ parking experience within the CBD,” said Mr Mabuza.

He said the implementation of the prepaid packages was to decrease waiting time by eliminating prolonged marshal engagement and transactions, as well as network challenges.

Mr Mabuza said the prepaid packages will also be convenient to motorists in terms of planning. He mentioned that once payment is made the vehicle registration will be billed into the system to allow a motorist to park freely in all parking bays within the CBD.

“We have now established a call centre, which you can call to make inquiries or complaints. We will also soon be deploying a mobile application that you can use to monitor your parking trends and accounts. The application will be able to navigate you across available parking spaces in the CBD. The application is meant to limit face to face interactions with marshals. This will eliminate elements of stealing, as you know marshals handle money all day,” said Mr Mabuza.

He said, while some of the technology and hardware the company had invested in had been rendered obsolete, it was in the process of introducing new software to ensure that it remains a viable and trusted smart parking service provider. 

“It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and parking operators need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends to remain competitive. New parking technologies are shaping the future of parking. Parking operators who embrace new parking technology will better provide an enjoyable customer experience and meet the needs of their community. We have the technology. And the technology consists of hardware and software. Right now, people are asking if the sensor we had installed on parking bays is still active. The hardware was a mechanism we had placed to alert the office of available parking bays, as well as keeping marshals in check,” said Mr Mabuza.

He said the demand of the market system could not accommodate the new parking system that allows motorists to park at different zones within the prescribed hour, hence making the technology obsolete.

Mr Mabuza said TTI, among its technological advancements, will install cameras to monitor the city’s parking spaces, introduce a mobile application to reduce interactions with parking marshals in an effort to curb possible pilferage.

“Smart parking sensing technology is leading the way in delivering and transforming an exciting parking experience. The system we intend to integrate with the last one is made up of interchangeable components that will fully integrate parking, guidance, payment and analytics, as well as a host of other complementary services and options. This will make TTI the preferred parking solution and an industry leader in the technology and parking sector,” said Mr Mabuza.

He said all the recommendations that came out of their consultations had been considered and will be implemented stage by stage.

“All this cannot be implemented in a single day but it will all be done coherently to accommodate both our software and hardware. These measures will also see a reduction in criminal activity within the CBD as we have recorded a reduction of vehicle break ins, as marshals are always on patrol. We will be partnering with law enforcement agents to ensure that all this technology is not tampered with,” said Mr Mabuza.

He said the parking industry has been innovating for generations, mainly in ways related to available real estate. 

Bulawayo City Council project manager Mr Vusisizwe Sibanda said council was making recommendations to consider giving preferences to elderly and disabled citizens not to pay parking fees.

TTI Stakeholders meeting – Mr Vusisizwe Justice Sibanda

“The elderly, and disabled citizens of society will be considered for preferential treatment where they will be excluded from paying parking fees. Although that is still in the pipeline, we will announce who qualifies for those criteria. We will have medical officers that will carry out awareness campaigns and have a vetting system that will eliminate criminals,” said Mr Sibanda.

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