Tuku online album goes public

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Tuku online album goes public Oliver Mtukudzi

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Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi

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After secretly releasing his 67th album online called Hany’ga (Concern) last year, super star Oliver Mtukudzi has put it out to the public for people to buy and listen to.

Tuku, at the end of last year clandestinely released his album, a move he defended saying he was following world trends of promoting the album online.

However, on Wednesday, he went all out to release his latest offering holding a listening session at his arts centre Pakare Paye in Norton.

The album has 10 tracks on it titled Matope, Bopoto, Dehenya, Shiringinya, Haasati aziva, Uchatinhei, Inombotangasei (nhamo), Wanza Sorry, Inyasha, and Mahara.

In a statement on his Facebook fan page, Tuku is said to have poured his heart out in words and music on Hany’ga (Concern).

“Much like all the previous albums, Dr Mtukudzi has poured his heart out in words and music with the assistance of the various musicians who came into the studio and contribute musically to the final collection of songs we now have and call Hany’ga (Concern) in English,” reads the statement.

This is album, according to the statement, is about all the different things that us concern us as people.

“It is concern that pushes us to do the different positive things that we do. Ukashaya hany’ga nechinhu unenge usisina basa nacho, (If you lack concern in anything you do, it simply means you are no longer interested in that particular thing),” reads the statement.

The album touches on topics such as child marriage in the song “Haasati Aziva” to the importance of talking about the significance of building good relationships in the song “Wanza Sorry.”

The album is available now on all the streaming sites costing $10.99 on iTunes.


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